Test drive our Google/Yahoo XML sitemap creator

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Most webmasters know the importance of site maps, you will also have heard of XML site map for Google and Yahoo, google has a great tool to help you create this site map but the problem with the Google version is that it assumes you own your website server, it wants you to install this and that on your Webmaster Serve. We have created one that make the assumption that you are on a share hosting hence do not have root access to your site.

The site map generator ask you information about your site and create an XML site map that is compliant with the site map protocol for your site. Its still in its beta testing stages, it can be found here: http://designer.velnetweb.co.uk/sitemap/index.php , please use it and give me feedback on how we can improve it.



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Love to but...

I would love to do this.

But the last time, I tried to do something like this, my site crashed.

So I have reservations.

Thanks for the info though.


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