Testing the limits of hard disk recovery

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Yellow Belt
As our digital appetites increase, so does our need to store our data.

But as we move into the terabyte age with trillions of bytes of storage available for a few hundred pounds, can we rely on hard disk drives to safeguard precious information? And what happens when they do fail or are damaged?

When I had my first computer in 1983 it had 32KB of memory and it was not until 1988 that I had my first hard drive - which had 40MB of storage.

Almost 20 years later and my main desktop can store 160GB of data while my laptop has 120GB and I have a pocket drive with 40GB more capacity.

My back-up routine is poor - I have my music and photos archived on several DVDs but it has been months since I last backed them up.

If the hard drive in my main computer were to fail, I would lose thousands of photographs and hundreds of songs. Every hard drive is a crash waiting to happen and so it is clear I should invest in a back-up storage system.

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Not open for further replies.