The $100 Laptop

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Nicholas Negroponte, MIT Media Lab’s founder, announced at the Technology Review's Emerging Technology conference that the notebook specifically designed for emergent markets is almost ready. This product will have a price tag of $100.

The basic configuration for such a system will consist of a color display, Wi-Fi connection, a 500 MHz processor and 1 GB of flash memory. The project is backed by AMD, Brightstar, News Corporation and Red Hat Linux.


This is great. $100 for a laptop. I'm sure that a lot of people are waiting for this. Here in my area are realy few those who have money to buy a new or even a used laptop.

dirty nappie

Isn't that the 'famous' kid laptop everyone is talking about?

TUNIS, TUNISIA -- Even if the prototype $100 laptop computer unveiled by Nicholas Negroponte late Wednesday in Tunis had a couple of hiccups, the MIT Media Lab chairman was visibly excited about the prospect of placing the device in the hands of millions of schoolchildren around the globe.
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