My 2 Cents The Beauty Of Leveraging Income In Business


It's Game Time!

Hello to all of you again!

I know you guys are already motivated in terms of doing business to give you the success that you've been waiting for. I am also like the same guys. I wanna be successful, and so are you. But the question is, how are we going to become successful just like the other guys out there. I think it's pretty simple for you to find out, and that is to build your own business once and for all. First and foremost, what makes you really think that business is the solution for us to become successful?

Of course, most of us are just relying on the luck that they have, and they're willing to wait for it. For example, they invest their money for a chance to win millions at the lotto. But they didn't realize about the reality of it. You spend your hard earned money just to buy lotto tickets or scratch cards, because you believe that you will win the lotto. But hey, even if you won the lotto, the sad part is that you don't use your money to increase your net worth. Instead, you are spending more on liabilities like vacation, gadgets, jewelry and so on. Although there's no problem with that, but the reality is that you are not gaining anything. I have one friend who won a jackpot of almost 1 million in Philippine peso. And you know what comes after? He is financially drained and now accepting a low paying job.

This is the reality guys, and the only way for us to become successful is to start our own business. But here's the problem again when it comes to owning a business. You are refusing to hire more people so that you will reduce your costs in terms of giving out salaries. But in the end, you are not seeing a bigger picture of it, in which will be benefiting you until the end. You just wanted to work 100% of your effort, rather than earning 1% of the 100 people who worked under your company.

So what is the point here ladies and gentlemen?

In this article that I have for all of you, this is all about the beauty of leveraging in business. First and foremost, what is leveraging? In my own terms, you are working less for something more, rather than the other way around. Instead of working 100% of your efforts, you are using other people's time, skills and money. For example, you have a marketing knowledge, but you're lacking leadership. We can't just learn and put all of our business skills in order to reduce our costs. Wrong! In the end, you will end up losing more money in the long run. However, if you are going to start leveraging your business with the right people, for sure one day you will see some success like no other. It maybe in a few years, as long you envisioned the bigger picture of yourself in the business you have.

The message above makes sense right?

Of course it really makes sense, as long you read and internalize it. I would like to share another story of a friend of mine who is earning 1.5 to 2 million in Philippine peso in his network marketing business. It took him five years to achieve that goal, and now he's helping his people under the organization to experience the same as his. Believe it or not, he is a "black sheep" of the family and claimed that he has no future, because he is rumored to be one of the "fight gang leaders" in their area. All of his siblings but him are already making a living abroad, while he is still on the Philippines trying to look for a job.

But right now, due to his decision in joining the network marketing business that he's in, he is now more successful than his siblings. You know why? He knows how to leverage his income by using other people's time, money and skills, and they combined in order for him to earn passive income. But within his first five years, he was struggling and trying to earn exponential income more than the linear income that most jobs have (but hey, I am not against of that though). This is how leveraging is a beauty, and one day you will experience the same as he and the others have.

Do you think you can leverage too?

Of course you can, as long you always believe and attract something positive within you. The only ways for us to leverage our income is by simply doing business or investing in other legitimate opportunities that can make your money grow exponentially once and for all.


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As they say, it is easier to spend the money that you got the easy way. So easy that sometimes, you spend all of it just like the classic example that you mentioned - a person who won a lot of money in the lottery ended up having to be contented with a low-paying job. The bottomline is, if you want to be successful and financially stable, you have to work hard for it.

steve taylor

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Yes income is very important part of any business.
If you have small or medium or large business then your income play vital role to increase your business fastly.
Your short deception is good about beauty of income. I like that.
If you earn money proper way with your business then you like your business very much.