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I sometimes see forum posts where members are asking for a list of good directories. I came across this site which lists directories, and shows their PR, how to submit your site, what they specialise in and so on. It's an excellent site I reckon. /free.html
Free Directories

This section contains the best free directories - best free general, niche and regional directories. To the right of each directory title is a link to add a website to this directory. The list of free directories contains also social network sites. These sites are not directories, but they also provide free site submissions and produce large traffic.
- Free (reciproc) - Free directory with mandatory reciprocal link.
- Free (regist) - Free directory that demands preliminary registration on a site.
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Thanks for the list. I stumbled it. and other directory list is - directorycritic(dot)com/free-directory-list.html
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