The Curse of Steptoe

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Roland Butter

I can't wait to see Trevor Eve as Hughie "I mean that most sincerely, folks" Green.

Mike Reynolds

Struck me as an interesting bit of casting, Trev as Hughie, but bet it will be excellent.

Looking forward to it.


becky sharp

Ian Mac said:
Belated congrats Raver on your ten grand..........

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And even more belated congratulations from me Raver...... :D

Ken Stott was just superb in this role ...his crying near the end has got to be some of the most convincing crying I have ever seen any actor do....

But what sad sad people leading such sad lives .......and poor John le Measurier!

First class drama...


The Tony Hancock one was given a bad review in the times, so I know people that didn't watch it on the strength of that. The Steptoe one almost had me in tears, but the Hancock one was even worse/better. I didn't know much about the hancock story but the program made it pretty clear. I even looked up the stuff on wiki,, I like his last words and the bit he put in the paper.

I think the last one about Frankie Howard might be the best one.
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