The Custom Handmade Titanium-Coated USB Flash Drive

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USB Flash Drives have become an extremely important part of our daily lives, since they allow us to carry around quite a large amount of data in a very small and portable device. However, most devices from this family do have the rather nasty habit of breaking down exactly when you need them most, either because we've used them to the limit, or because they've been affected by some external factors, as for example water, shocks or vibrations.

And that's exactly the reason why a Russian
guy, presumably called Tyukalov, has decided to take USB matters into his own hands, and came up with a custom-made USB drive that will surely last for a lifetime, since it's coated in titanium alloy and protected against any external factor you might think of.


Hey That's great to know. What is the storage limit, and what about the gurantee and price?


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A USB drive that last a life time is an excellent idea, to anser your question Simon, the maximum space seem to be 2 gigs at present.

What is the space on your flash drive simon? mine is only 500MB :(
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