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Hello everyone!

Actually I am surprised that this section was empty, so why not I want to be the first one to post right here? No hard feelings, guys! It's just that I love this forum and I wanna make things useful here. Anyways, to tell you honestly, I am not really a fan of Wordpress themes, but I find them very useful to my niche websites. I always install Wordpress when I am launching new websites, because I find that they are the best content management system (CMS) in the internet right now, and they're mostly used by several affiliate and internet marketers, online and offline businesses and so on.

I would respect other content management system platforms like Joomla, but Wordpress is the best in my own experience. The first time I am using Wordpress was on the free version which is I am using that one as my personal blog, and I have no intentions to make money during that time. I was trying to get familiarized on the world of Wordpress, and I am still a noob in blogging about anything. But I have the willingness to learn because it is something that interests me. Blogging is something that I really wanted to do for a while even during spare time. It simply expresses on what kind of a guy I am, and my own points of view in all life aspects. One day, my friend Daniel Lew introduced me to affiliate marketing and it opened my eyes that I can make money with it through blogging. I opened my first ever affiliate marketing review blog before, and I was so excited about it.

I have researched some of the blogs out there, and most of them are using Wordpress. Every time I visit a new blog that is Wordpress-based, I finally realize how these themes are already on-demand in the website marketplace. So I decided to look for some Wordpress themes that are interesting and eye-catchy for me. I see that there's a lot of future at stake when it comes to developing and selling Wordpress themes once and for all. In other words, I may simply call this as the evolution of Wordpress themes marketing.

First and foremost, why the hell I am going to say this for good?

It is simply because Wordpress themes are already on demand due to innovation and creativity by some of the independent developers around the world. As a result, I can see a lot of potential in doing this once and for all, however this could take time by knowing how to create a Wordpress theme from scratch. Even for a basic one, I don't have this kind of ability, but the potential is limitless when it comes to creating and selling Wordpress themes that are elegant and beautiful into the eyes of the webmasters once and for all. The number of webmasters around the world are growing significantly, and it goes on and on for good.

As of today, there are many Wordpress theme marketplaces you can find like Themeforest and Elegant Themes. They are selling beautiful, creative and innovative themes that are truly worth to invest our Wordpress blogs once and for all. I have owned one premium Wordpress theme, and it's kinda image magazine type. The design was very beautiful at that point, and I purchased it for $17 at an early bird discount. The name is MixMag Theme, and it was so beautiful. I may decide to use it again on my main blog. Best of all, I purchased the developers license as well as I want to use it on multiple sites once and for all, just in case.

But I am kinda open minded when it comes to buying more premium Wordpress themes in my own niche blogs. Themeforest and other Wordpress theme marketplaces out there are doing a great job in providing quality and innovative themes for the customers to buy, download and install it on their respective Wordpress sites like no other. If you are a creator or seller of a Wordpress theme, you may need to have the power of conviction to tell your customers on why they should pick your Wordpress theme than the others.

The comparison between free and paid themes are way different in terms of quality, features, benefits and support like no other. Although you may need to invest with these Wordpress themes, but it's going to be worth because design really matters. The design of your Wordpress theme represents who you really are.​


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Wordpress is the leading content management system today. It is very useful to developers, bloggers and even to those who are just starting to learn to create websites. Because you can use wordpress without even writing a single line of programming code. It is very user friendly and the best part is its FREE.


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Great job, actually I was trying to access this page when the forums exhausted their funds so I had to leave it. I had posted another comment on all your blog post just before that but I am not sure if that comment was registered or not. You have provided informative facts about WordPress.

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Emerging of WordPress trends in last decade could be called as the best thing happening in the SEO world. WordPress really reaches to it's realm and this has a sudden growth that no one can ignore it.

The concept of a wonderful platform with less theme ideas for it's appearance called off the industries to held hand with.
This is where the outsourcing of theme started to work. I must admit, this could be an opportunity for the WordPress to make some steps to get this theme part to have more achievement.


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@cheezcarls I love your nice and useful post. Other than Themeforest, Envato manages a group of online marketplaces that sell inspired materials for web designers, including templates, themes, graphics, photography, 3D models, audio and video. It has more than 1.5 million active sellers and buyers and about 6 million registered members.

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If your theme is popular, you can earn up to a few thousands dollars just by selling at the Wordpress themes marketplace. As long as your theme is unique and people like it, they will start to follow you and you will be able to pull in a nice income every month.