My Suggestion The Meaning Of The Term Why, When And How For The Business Start Ups.

Prasoon Arora

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Any start up have to go through with number of surveys before they come to existence. The establishment of any business start up depends on the mentioned tasks :

Why there is need to establish the business, in regards to the market needs and customers satisfaction ?
How the start up can compete with the existing business, either by providing their quality products or any other schemes ?
When is the time for the establishment to get possible revenue of investment and to be stable ?

Pooja Sharma

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The companies ask such questions because they actually want to know how stable and big your business is and what sort of services your may require like number of employees will show how many business email you would need. It will show if it is a small scale business or a big company.
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Zirkon Kalti

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Before starting a business, you should create a business plan to outline the steps that you will take to make the business successful. You can attend a business training or counseling session if you don't know how to create the business plan.