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If you are looking to get started with CPA marketing, this article is a must read for you like no other. I know some of you guys here are still looking for ways to earn extra income with CPA marketing, but others are already having some knowledge like no other. But I would strongly believe that each and everyone of us can make a living with this kind of method once and for all. But for this content that I would share with you all for today, I will be talking about the most commonly used CPA (cost per action) offers that the CPA marketers are taking advantage of it.

First and foremost, why is it that I really need to reveal this to all of you?

It is simply because I am a bit experienced in CPA marketing. Even though that I have little results, but I've researched and studied enough on the tactics, strategies, and tips that can be used in order to make a living with CPA marketing like no other. But before I wanna reveal to you all of these, let me share first a little about my own CPA experience like no other with these offers. The first time that I have earned money with CPA marketing was coming from a Peerfly email and zip offer called "Free Apple iPad". I was promoting it back then with a free Blogger blog and use Ezine Articles in order for me to gain enough exposure at least for a little. For me, it is all about gaining some experience in order to maximize my own campaigns with CPA marketing.

Afterwards, I decided to do the "blackhat" way in order to simply earn with CPA and PPD marketing for good. I was making good money back then, and I have withdraw successfully with FileIce. In total, I made around $412 until my Youtube channel was banned back then. But so far, it was a learning experience from me. At least I won't be making mistakes again on this one. Okay, at least I have shared to you on some of the experiences that I have in doing CPA and PPD marketing like no other. I think it is time for us to go on our main topic right now.

Without further ado, I would like to introduce the most commonly used offers being used by CPA marketers once and for all:

1. E-mail and zip offers

This is simply one of the easiest offers that you can promote, because it doesn't need your leads to pay for anything except their name and email address. For example, let's say that there's a free Apple iPhone 6 offer. Your goal is to look for real targeted leads who are looking or talking more about Apple iPhone 6. In order for you to make this happen, create a simple landing page about it, build relationships to your audience and share the offer that you have like no other. Simple as that.

2. Surveys and polls

Aside from email and zip offers, these people are also engaged in surveys and polls. They are willing to participate because it's something that really interests them once and for all. For example, there's an upcoming US election, and there's a CPA offer that totally matches the target audience. What you will do is simply share to them your survey or poll page about US elections and get some leads afterwards.

3. Mobile pin offers

This is also common, and it mostly appears when you are in the content locking method. Basically, when you are going to lock your content, random mobile offers are going to appear right in front of you. You can simply choose which offer are you going to complete, verify using your mobile phone and you'll unlock the content, and the publishers earns money.


People like to download anything from music, games, software and so many others. For example, you have a Clash of Clans cheat, so you need to lock the content in order for your potential leads to complete the offer in order to unlock the cheat that you provide. Make sure you do not mislead them for good.

5. Installations

Lastly, people like to install something on their computer, and software is one niche you could take advantage. You will get a lead once someone clicks on your offer, downloads and installs it successfully on his or her computer.

I hope you may have learned something about the article that I have for you guys. Just try these ones and take action.

To your CPA marketing success!


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These frequently used CPA offers are really helpful and their effectiveness is already proven through time. Another offer in CPA is the pay per call where people are paid when someone makes a call after clicking on an affiliate link. It is also good to note that aside from taking leads, offers done through downloads and installation are mentioned as they are common nowadays.