My 2 Cents The "nevers" Of Cpa Marketing


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Hello guys!

In this article that I have for you today, I'm going to talk something that you can relate yourself in terms of CPA (cost per action) marketing. I have been doing CPA/PPD for quite some time, and their dashboards are awesome for me. I have joined several CPA networks already, but I do have some ups and downs on this kind of method. You know why? I'm still on the learning stage, and I have no choice but to get better. It's time for us to burn the bridge where our fears, doubts and worries are there, as well as our comfort zone once and for all.

Just like affiliate and internet marketing, it does have some challenges at stake. The first time that I've earned with a CPA offer is from Peerfly itself. As you may know, Peerfly is currently the second best CPA network around next to Maxbounty. Until now, me and my best friend have accounts on Peerfly, but we never had a chance to promote their offers due to other commitments that we have for now. The main issue that me and my friend have is traffic. In our early years in doing CPA marketing, we are struggling in terms of generating targeted traffic to our customers. The first time that I have my first couple of leads from Peerfly, is from a useless Blogger site that I have promoting an iPhone offer.

I don't have the motivation to continue during that time, because I haven't grown yet. Until one day, I have bought a WSO years ago that could make me money every day with CPA. But it turned out that the methods I've learned are something that CPA networks don't want me to do, and I just disobeyed them. As a result, some CPA networks suspended and cancelled my account, while others are just giving me a warning. In other words, they are the "nevers" of CPA marketing, and this is what I want to discuss all about to you guys, so that you might not be making the same mistakes as I do.

Without further ado, I would like to get started discussing about the "NEVERS" of CPA marketing:

1. Never force your visitors to click your CPA links

Just like what I have done with my Google Adsense that literally cost my account to get disabled, I have done this to my CPA links as well. I was so stubborn and desperate during that time to make money with CPA offers, and I thought that forcing someone to click my own links are fine. But as a result, I was warned by a CPA network and told me not to do that again. We should not force our prospects to click our links on purpose. We can do that indirectly, as long we give great value first.

2. Never use Freelancer or any related site to promote your CPA links

This is a very huge mistake that I have done in my whole career as a CPA marketer. Worse of all, I have used some of the best CPA offers in two of the best networks I've joined to test sites like Freelancer. I saw an ad there that they are going to give me leads, and I immediately bought them at around $30 and expecting to have an ROI. But I have learned that these gigs are giving me fraudulent leads, and my CPA accounts are suspended till further notice. It's a lesson that I should learn.

3. Never use proxy or VPN to fill up your own CPA links

Never fool CPA networks with the use of proxies or VPNs. They are smart enough to track where your leads came from, especially from a specific IP address. They know if that IP is a proxy or comes from VPN, so don't even try to fool them once and for all in promoting your CPA links.

4. Never promote a CPA link without following the advertiser's guidelines

Before you promote a CPA offer, make sure you read their guidelines first. I have made few mistakes before by mentioning "win" and "free" on the CPA link, which is against the advertiser rules. Just think outside of the box and be creative enough as long it follows the guidelines of the CPA advertiser.

5. Never post any misleading content to promote your CPA links

I am so guilty with this before, especially when promoting them via Youtube videos. I have delivered fake content to them, in which they ended up downloading for nothing, and my niche Youtube account was suspended. This is a no-no! Never mislead your prospects!

Now you've finally learned the 'NEVERS" of CPA marketing, and this will guide you to do CPA marketing in a legitimate way that you will have no problem with them.

To your CPA marketing success!


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Being honest and transparent to your clients is the number one rule of the game as you are trying to earn the trust of your niche. Letting your clients know the "it" (what's in it for me?) for them also helps in getting results from your CPA marketing efforts.