Tutorial The Ninja Ways Of Gaining Highly-targeted Niche Followers To Your Twitter Account


It's Game Time!

Hello guys!

I've got news flash for you! I've finally figured it out on how we're going to build highly-targeted niche Twitter followers using "The Ninja Way". First and foremost, why am I saying this? What makes you guys really think that I am telling you this? It is because I have proven it myself that this is effective on my part. As you can see, I have tried every strategy that I want in order to make it work. After testing and failing several times, I finally know how to do it.

It indeed worked for me before, but it was too slow. So I was researching, studying and testing on how to gain niche Twitter followers naturally by doing "The Ninja Way". Right now, I am going to share a tutorial for you that works not only for me, but also for all of us. I will be giving you four ninja tips that will boost your chances in getting high quality and natural niche Twitter followers for good.

This is going to be an interesting tutorial coming from me, and I'm sure you'll find this very helpful in the end. Anyways, let's get started in learning this "The Ninja Way":


Ninja Tip #1: Have an attractive profile with complete bio and photos

For me, this is one of the most important steps you should be doing to increase your trust and reputation on Twitter. No matter if its a new account or an existing account, you've got to make sure that you have complete details in your profile. I know this is kind of basic, but I have learned this from a social media course that this is kinda essential to do this. Make sure that you have your own profile pic, cover photo, bio and other complete details with you.

Extra Ninja Tip: Put targeted or related hashtags on your profile description. This will add up to being attractive when they saw your Twitter profile. For sure, it will increase your chances that they will follow you.

Ninja Tip #2: Start follow targeted Twitter active profiles

If you have completed your profile, the next thing you do is start following targeted Twitter profiles. For example, if you are in the gaming niche, I would suggest that you should look for Twitter profiles who are in the gaming niche. To give you an idea, gaming is one of the most demanding niches ever, and there's no way it can be saturated for long. Don't expect anything from them, but they will be notified that you followed them. There's a chance that they might check out your profile. Once the profile is interesting for them, they might follow you for sure.

Extra Ninja Tip: Search for popular hashtags that are related to your niche or keyword. Make sure that you take little time in going over their Twitter profile first before starting to follow and engage with them.


Ninja Tip #3: Retweet their tweets and engage with them

Another ninja tip that I want to reveal is to retweet the tweets of the ones you followed on Twitter. Your goal is to retweet some relevant content that is related to your niche. But don't just retweet though, like it and leave a natural interesting comment. Once you are doing that on a consistent basis, for sure they will follow you and may retweet your own tweets as well.

Extra Ninja Tip: Use custom or popular hashtags every time you retweet or reply to their message. Tagging their Twitter name on retweets and responses may increase chances of getting more engagement and start following you on Twitter.


Ninja Tip #4: Reply back if they thanked you for the follow

Another tip that I want to reveal is to reply back every time you received new messages from someone who thanked you for following them. I have ignored this tip for a long time, until I realized something. So I tried this for myself, and eventually I've seen good results in generating quality followers in no time. When you reply, don't be an "advertiser-type" guy, but just be natural and give some value like no other.

Extra Ninja Tip: When you reply as they thanked you for following, tell or convince them why should they follow you back or share a third party link that gives value to them.

I also have a bonus tip for you! This Youtube video is quite interesting for me, as Youtube users "Sam and Colby" reveals their own way in gaining followers into their Twitter accounts, and how can you benefit from it.

Here's the Youtube video below for you to watch and learn:

I hope this tutorial of mine is kinda interesting for you, especially in learning these ninja techniques of gaining natural and high quality Twitter followers on your niche. Don't just read and appreciate this, try it for yourself and take action!

Now I have a question for you. Are you ready to do this "The Ninja Way"?