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This should be the first directory you submit to. ODP is now *the* directory to get listed in - it is associated with Lycos, Hotbot, AOL Netfind, and AltaVista. It is also free.

ODP is generated by "editors" gathered from all walks of life. It is a volunteer job to become an editor at ODP - there are currently around 17,500 editors filling the categories and creating new categories.

Anyone can apply to be an editor. If you are interested in becoming an editor - go to the link above and find a category that is relevant to your interests. Click on the "become an editor" link at the top of the page. However, apply to a small category - deep down in the directory. On the form be sure to tell them why you qualify to edit that category - be specific about your qualifications.
How to submit your site to ODP

1. Browse, browse, browse:
Before you start submitting your site, browse the directory. Spend time going through the listings and reading titles and descriptions.

2. Read their submission policy:
You will save yourself a lot of headaches by understanding what they want before you start submitting.

3. Find the appropriate categories:
The deeper the category, the more likelihood that you will get your site listed (if your site is appropriate.) Find 3-5 appropriate categories. Submit your site to these categories one at a time. In other words, try to get listed in one category, when you are listed, then go for the second category and so on. Trying to apply for more than 5 categories may get you bopped down to one. Submit carefully; think before you submit. Keep track of what you are submitting. ODP has a very good tracking system of your submissions and your listings. In other words, if you are denied placement, don't keep submitting a site that you have done nothing to improve. Submit your site using their "add URL" link.

4. Your site:
Make sure your site has proper navigation, your site shouldn't be under construction, and should not have broken links. Remember, a HUMAN will be visiting your site so traditional methods of getting into the search engines won't work.

5. Your title
will be edited if you try to cram in too much info - it will be edited down to the actual title of your site. Although our title - "The Write Market" doesn't really say much about what our site deals with - we're stuck with it. Adding numbers, spaces, or punctuation marks to the beginning of your title will not help with your listing - they will just be edited and most likely make the editor angry.

6. Your description
cannot be a list of keywords. Try to briefly state was is unique or interesting about your site. Try to get one or two keywords in there - but don't give them a list - chances are they will cut them out. One or two sentences is all you will get - so get to the point - be concise.

They do seem to add pages other than the home page - so if you have a section of your site that is unique in content - try to add it to the relevant category. The more listings you have at ODP can only help your promotion efforts. But, do not overdo it. Be careful - they keep records as to how many times a site has been added and if they feel it's a duplicate submission.


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"6. Your description
cannot be a list of keywords."

I am currently managing the list of submission for a big site. Every time when I see that type of "description" i delete the site whitout ezitation. It's more simple, because I can't stay to correct every description, i have about 100 sites submited per day.
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