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Hosting is so complex and we, as users, understand so little of it and get to see so little of what it does that we often consider it as an afterthought and make a choice based on price. This can no longer be the case (it never should have been to tell the truth). The latest Google filter to be applied takes into account uptime, loading speed and site stability. Provided your programmers have done their bit the rest is up to your hosting. This means that you really need to choose wisely as hosting now is like the foundations of a house: invisible to the naked eye but crucial to its long-term success. There are as many good hosting companies out there as there are bad ones. I have had direct experience of both so here goes my list:

Ones to avoid like the Plague:

1 & 1 - both in the UK and the US. It has poor server security (websites get routinely hacked), outsources all customer service requests to a call centre in India (understandable but it means you have to deal with staff who read off a screen and are not allowed to deviate from the script). And it locks you into payment plans (the tales of misrepresented or false charges abound - just check online).

Recommended: (both in the UK and the US) - if all hosting companies were like that I would not have to spend time writing posts like this.

HostGator (US and UK) - if they tried any harder they would be doing everything for you.


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Most of the problems I had were server speed related. After I moved it seems that I have more pages indexed and faster.


On-page optimisation is aimed at making your website pleasing to the very discerning eyes of Google’s bots and spiders. They take in reams of information relating to quality content, in particular related keywords, as well as a host of other factors. It is vital to make their job as quick and easy as possible. Your website needs to be inviting and easy for them to navigate or they may simply jump ship to one of your competitors.


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It is very important to choose a web hosting company based on its quality of service and its reliability rather than going for a cheap service as the success in SEO of your website is vitally related to the host service. With the large number of companies offering hosting services for very cheap prices it's easy to carry away by the price factor.


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Hosting service provide great impact on the amount of traffic on your business website. Choosing the right web hosting provider for better SEO performance .


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White SEO, by definition, it is such methods of advancement of a site, which do not violate the rules of search engines. The rules of the same search engines prohibit any attempts of artificial influence on the position of the site in the rankings. If hit in begin to philosophize, it turns out that the white seo can not be in principle, the so-like search engine optimization by definition is to improve the position of the site, ie implies artificial influence on them


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Thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful piece of information with everyone.The quality of hosting means what type of hosting we generally use.If one hosting provides good quality & affordable services then automatically result of SEO also shows.So types of hosting & SEO both are complementary to each other.
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