My Experience The Reason To Consider Php More Then Html In Building The Website.

Prasoon Arora

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There are number of people who are confused in using php and html to build the website.Let me clear their doubts now.

HTML is language which is used to instruct browser to display text or images.However, php is scripting language used to create and designed webpages using html.

HTML works on computer and provide the pages to get viewed consists of images or text whereas php, runs on the server from where the pages are displayed.This is thereason which clearly describes why to use php more then html.

steve taylor

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We can not solve real life problem with help of only static web pages . By using HTML we can create only static webpage. There are lot of activity required in which data must be given by the user and also it stored in some where. for this purpose Server side scripting language is most for website development.

Doominic anderson

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Html is used to create only static web pages whereas Php makes these pages dynamic,that's why Php is used mostly for creating website.
Html5 included many new elements which gives a webpage a better look as compared to previous versions of Html.
Php is server side scripting language and it helps to make website pages more interactive and provides user friendly environment.
In Php we also used JavaScript and Css.


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php and html both is useful and is easy to learn.
html is used to make static webpages while php is used to create dynamic webpages.
it is better to use php as it makes your website attractive.
Even facebook is created by php coding.
if you want to learn php then you can take help from google as there are various tutorials available on it, and the best is w3schools.


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i hope this message is useful:
is a language used to describe to a browser how to display text and other objects in a browser window. It is not a programming language. HTML works on a client computer (the system on which the page is being viewed).
PHP is a scripting language, and can be used to create web pages written in HTML