The way to get google page rank ?

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Hello just about every net professionals
I obtained issue precisely recover google page rank
Basically I've got no details involving status however our web page is actually with large situation involving our kaywords.
I understand how to posit our net within yahoo and google look for however is it possible to explain me personally what exactly accomplish for getting google page rank.
With thanks for virtually every guidelines.


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Best Tips To Increase Page Rank:

1. High Quality Content
2. Site Submitting to Niche Directory
3. Guest Posting
4. Link Exchange
5. Keep Updating
6. Commenting On Other Blogs
7. Social Bookmarking
8. Website Accessibility
9. Using Commonly Searched Keywords
10. Website Advertising
11. Create Multiple Pages
12. Participate In Forums
13. Using Signatures


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you need to continue adding good content to your sites

It will guaranty placement in the rankings, just keep adding content and backlinks.
Submit your RSS feed to hundreds of RSS directories
Build hundreds of back links
Bookmark your blogs on do-follow bookmarking sites
Pagerank is according to how many links linking back to your blog.

Nittish Sharma

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PageRank is based on Backlinks only. You can build quality backlinks by many off-page techniques :-

Guest Blogging
Forum Posting
Social Bookmarking
Article Marketing
Blog Commenting and Posting


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All practices followed for back linking is suggested...PR is completely depended on quality back links....


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Actually the ways to get Google page rank are still the same but now it does not matter because soon they will stop supporting it. The last PR update was in February 2013..
Last month was one among the happiest months for web masters and the seo experts because Google updated the pr. So the practices are same but the strategies are now different. Linking low quality sites was a hateful and drastic practice in coming days and harm the site rankings. So be original on original sites only. Leave those who are specifically made for seo purposes.


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Hello friends, Google and some of other top search engines, analyze sites for their links profile and assign a PR. I would recommend more do follow and relevant links. Also, use of Google+ could be more helpful
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