The Website Guerilla Marketing thread

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To get the word out, that is the issue.  How to scream loud enough for everyone to hear you, and not spend a fortune doing it.  Well, I don't have all the answers, in fact I am pretty lost at this promotion thing as well.  Obviously, search engine placement is important.  We know that regular business marketing rules stll apply.  Still, that doesnt clear up the HOW-TO question does it?  So this thread exist strictly for people to give marketting suggestions.  Now there is a catch (isn't there always),  your suggestions have to cost under $50 to completely implement and has to draw a large amount qualified traffic. Qualified Traffic means that the people have to be interested in the subject matter.  Call this the Website Guerilla Marketing thread.. but the bottom line is that you have to understand how to .. SHOUT, without spending a fortune.

Here is my suggestion to draw traffic:

Send out an Email "Chain Letter" to all the people you know that might be interested in your websites subject matter.  Ask them, as friends, to pass the email along to someone they know who is interested in the subject matter. 

What is your suggestion?


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Another good tactic is to just put your website in your signature or make a post about it from time to time. I post quite often at some other forums and at this point some of those forums are a good source of some of the traffic that makes it here. It never hurts to have it in your signature, or even make a post asking for members and/or advertisers.
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