My Suggestion Things You Should Avoid On Facebook In 2016

Muhammad Rizwan

Content Writer
Facebook is one of the biggest social media networks working online. It has lots of members and still many are join in regularly. It is offering lots of services for free to their community. These can be used for the benefit of a business or a website. These tools are amazing for marketing of anything online. One of these important tools is a Facebook Page. It is a community like a thing available on Facebook for free to their members. People can make unlimited pages for their business or websites. There is no limit to a number of members you can do to your page. You can have billions of members on a single page and still nothing would be wrong with your site.

A business owner can communicate with their customers and get connected with them. However, these benefits can sometimes go wrong and have a bad effect on the business. Some people do wrong activities on pages and it affects their overall business strategy. The whole community on their page is disturbed and loss can also be faced by the owners.
So here in this article, I will list some mistakes one should avoid on Facebook during their marketing. These are as following:
Tagging Irrelevant People

It’s good to tag your family members, friends and relatives in your posts. However, it’s not the good idea to tag unknown people in your posts or those you don’t know very well. It’s a move of spammers and Facebook will think this about you too. Your page will look more like spamming online on their community. If the problem persists, they will even delete your page due to a violation of their terms.
Don’t add people like spammers

You should add people in your community, but should you really do so? But don’t be like a spammer and add thousands of members using bots or scripts. This is called plain spamming in the eye of Facebook and those members will be automatically removed from your community. All your efforts can go to vain and you can face a huge loss.
Never like your own posts for increasing likes

You should avoid this shameful activity on your pages. Don’t like your own posts or photos. Even if you like these pictures you are posting on your page, you should not express it publicly. It is included in black hat activities and Facebook truly dislikes this on their pages. You won\t get your page deleted thought, but it’s good to avoid this habit of yours.
Avoid Copy Pasting or Duplicating

Don’t forget that you can use multiple social media networks in your marketing strategy. But remember many people would be your customers from all networks. Some people will be present on all networks too. If you share only 1 thing in all of them, many customers of your will think of you as the spammer. It is also not liked by Facebook to get copyrighted material on their network. No one wants to read one thing twice in their day. So avoid this habit and don’t do it until a serious post ahs to be shared.
Never Disturb Your Audience

Everyone is busy in his life and you should respect this fact. Never try to send spam messages or links to your customers. Only get in touch with important issues or stuff you need to share with them. Never try bots for sending unlimited messages to your customers. It is a simple technique of spamming people on Facebook.