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Just thought to share some tips to boost your forum activity. Here are tips I could think of right now:

1.Sign up for many social bookmarking sites.
2.Post in different forums about your site. Dont spam because you can get i trouble.
3.Hold different contests.
4.Post frequently on your forum.
5.The most useful, create a sitemap.
6. Write about hot celebrities. Many users are attracted by that.
7.Get any quality host.
8.Dont rely on a subdomain, buy your own domain.
9.Try to reply on every post.
10.You should have more posts than any other member. Post frequently.
11.Link with other sites.
12.Optimize your sites for search engines.
13.Dont ever go for a dark theme. It makes your members to not to read every post. Try a light colour theme.
14.Make a thread which is for the people who are finding difficult to understand certain english words.
15.Do not forget to make a thread about rules. It looks more professional if there is one thread about rules. Sticky it.
16.Make a blog.
17.Keep your personal information as a secret. Dont ever tell about your wife, kids, age, etc.
18.Keep your website domain as your signature on other forums.
19.Do not ban a member straight away until it's a serious issue.
20.Headlines of the posts should be attractive.

Enjoy these tips written by me!


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