Tips to avoid scams on forums.

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Hello guys. I just want to share this tips on how to avoid scams on
buying people's services at forums. This is based on my experiences as
a freelancer. To start off, let's start what does freelancer really
means. Some newbies might wonder what is that.

Freelancers are self-employed person working in a profession or trade
working independently. Each freelancers do have their own specialties
like dofollow forum posting, dofollow blog commenting (sometimes
nofollow), article writing/rewriting, directory submission, social
bookmarking and etc...

Probably scams is always around. So to pick people who will work for
you 100%, one must:

  • With good reputation on the said forum. -- The circled thing on the image below is the reputation level on a forum. Always check the user's reputation level if he/she is trusted or not.
  • iTrader ratings/feedbacks -- Check the feedback/iTrader if its 100% positive. If it is 90% positive and 10% negative/neutral, Check the negative side or contact the person who left a negative iTrader/feedback on the user and ask him the reason why he left an iTrader/feedback.

  • Read reviews about the service from previous buyers -- Always read the reviews if its positive or not. Most people who wants reviews are those people who are also reputed. Also ask the one who give reviews of the following questions:

  1. Exact time frame of the job.
  2. If the freelancer wants you to pay the half price of the project costs. (Very important)
  3. Any reports from the freelancer after the job completion?
  4. How accurate the job is?
  5. iTrader/feedback left? (if positive, neutral or negative)
This questions are the most common questions that must be asked to avoid wasting your money on scammers.

  • Avoid much promising threads -- Threads that are much promising are not always good. But promising threads from highly reputed authors are also highly recommended.

  • Compare prices -- Cheap prices are much saving but if its a suspicious newbie user on a forum, i don't think you must apply his services. Read reviews as i said above. But if the person is high reputed and reviews are available, take one review for cheaper ones.

  • Avoid email inquiry -- Whenever the freelancer/user that you think are suspicious wants you to contact him/her via email for more details about it, don't bite. Its a scam. Better if you'll inquire him via forum private messaging.

This are just few tips, the final decision is still up to you guys. Hope this helps.
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