My 2 Cents Tips To Chose Web Design And Development Software


Content Writer
Web design is a rewarding career beyond doubt and you can do well by utilizing your creativity and using the right tool. Selecting the right design tool for website creation is very important. There is a plethora of web design tools a professional can pick from and each has its areas of strengths and weaknesses. Background and type of work also plays a role behind the selection. Below listed are the key factors that you should think of when picking web design software.

  • Cost - This is a major factor web designers should consider when picking a web design tool. Nowadays, you get plenty of feature laden web design tools that do not cost anything. The CMS apps are the best examples. On the other hand, there are commercial software that come with steep licensing fee. A beginner in this field may start with free or low cost solutions.
  • Ease of learning - If you are picking a new web design tool, the learning curve does matter. You should ideally buy a tool that is easy to learn and comes with plenty of resources and tutorials. Top CMS apps, for example, have support of online forums and enjoy a huge user base.
  • Compatibility - When you pick a web design tool, it is necessary to check what type of compatibility it has with other tools used by you. In a website, you will invariably need to use images. So, it is better if you can import images in the tool from the UI of the image editor. Adobe tool users can avail the tight integration benefits. Dreamweaver has solid integration with tools like Illustrator and Photoshop.
  • WYSIWYG editor - The web design tool should have a WYSIWYG UI. If you get to see at designing or coding time how the final web pages will look like- that is definitely better. Some web design apps let you see code and web page side by side, which helps in testing and bug fixing.
  • Support and updates - Whether you pick an open source web design tool or a licensed one, support and updates are very important. Updates help fix issues like bugs in the app and iron out stability issues. Tech support may be required when you face unforeseen performance issues while using the app. usually, the majority of commercial web design tools are sold with robust support options and update rollout.
Let us all know if you have anything else which can be added to the list. :)