My 2 Cents Tips To Design A Website For A Restaurant That Hits The Bull’s Eye


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Designing a website for a business is a necessity no entrepreneur can overlook these days. However, a lot of factors have to be analyzed when you design website for various clients. The style and design elements can vary based on the niche, target viewers and client requirements. When you design a website for a restaurant- you have to be quite careful. With plenty of eating outlets available in various locations, viewers will not hesitate switching to a rival site if they do not find your site design appealing!
Below listed are the top tips to design a restaurant website in an effective way:
  • Simple and fresh design- The website of a restaurant or eating joint should have a simple and fresh layout. This is more specific about the homepage of a restaurant website. It is okay to use bright colors and enticing graphics in the home page but too many elements and unnecessary animations can make the viewers distracted.
  • Focus on contact- When people look for a restaurant online- they are likely to look for details like menu and contact information. While it is okay to have a page for address and contacts, you should ideally put in phone numbers and link to a map in every page of the restaurant website. The viewers should not have to scour through several pages and sub menus to look for the most vital information.
  • Menu-The menu should be easily accessible and it is better if you have a menu meant just for kids. Some customers enquire about kid friendly dishes when they look for a restaurant- online or otherwise. It would be a mistake to make the menu in PDF. Hardly any web user would like to download a PDF menu, more so when they are using mobile devices.
  • Color and images- It is important to choose the right color when you design a website and the same can be said about graphics. In a majority of restaurant websites you will find bright red or orange hue used. Black is used to denote elegance and class in some such sites as well. As for graphics, using high solution images is a must. The images should make the viewers attracted at first glance. It is better that you use authentic images shot in the restaurant in the website. However, refrain from using too many images in the website.
  • Rendering and compatibility- This issue is true of literally any website but restaurant websites need to load fast and consistently across devices. It would be wise not to use background music in the site as it may lead to slower load times. Keep the music for playing real time in the restaurant!
  • USP- There are so many restaurants serving yummy foods and some of them may even offer better rates- so what’s unique about your restaurant! It is necessary that you stress on USP of your restaurant in the website. From weekend discounts to organic dishes – make sure the star feature is highlighted in the website.


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I can also suggest to make unique and quirky names for your dishes. It's quite fun to see and read such dishes on the menu. It puts a smile on my face when the restaurant owner put some time on thinking about the name of his or her restaurant. And this way, you're sure that no one can ever have the same dish as yours because your name for it is personally made!

Then, you'd also have to include directions of how to get to your restaurant. This way, newcomers won't get lost going there. Put in a full list of your branches as well, if you have other restaurants in other places.