My 2 Cents Tips To Design Website For Elderly Users


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It is true that a majority of people who stay online most of the times are students and working professionals. However, that does not necessarily mean elderly people do not use the web. On the contrary, a section of them adapt to technology in their own ways and fare reasonably well! When you design websites aimed at elderly people, like one that sells their attire and accessories, it is necessary to focus on their needs.

Things to keep in mind while designing elderly centric sites
  • First of all, a majority of women and men above their 60s are likely to have vision related problems. From glaucoma to degenerative vision disorders, they may develop disorders that affect their vision. So, reading small texts and distinguishing colors accurately are areas where they can falter at times.
  • Their cognitive skills also decline with age and they may find it hard to cope with websites with difficult navigation. Degenerative motor skills can make it difficult for the seniors to perform tasks like scrolling, tapping and clicking with precision.
  • As it is natural, hearing efficacy tends to decline in elderly men and women with age. Some of them cope better with hearing aid and in some other cases; hearing capacity goes for a toss. This can be problematic when playing audio and video clips in websites.
Ways to help elderly lot overcome the difficulties in web usage
Owing to the aforementioned issues, elderly lot may find accessing websites a tad hard than others. To ensure the website remains easily accessible to the senior citizens, web designers can resort to the fowling measures:
  • It is not prudent to use lots of text and graphics in blue.
  • Using small font sizes can make it hard for the elderly website visitors. A font size of 16 is ideal. Options to adjust the font size should also be there in website.
  • To ensure the elderly viewers do not struggle with audio in clips, add subtitles.
  • In mobile centric websites aimed at senior users, the links and tabs should not be placed too close.
  • A minimalist site design is ideal for senior users. Too many interface elements, pop-up ads, banner ads etc can leave them somewhat perplexed.
  • While web users tend to be quite impatient, that may not be so with elderly users. Compared to teens and young adults they may prefer reading more text in websites.

Manish Mishra

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While creating sites for elderly it needs a whole lot effort to make it more suitable and comfortable place for the one it is being made for. Elderly sites can be rejoicing and could see vivid approaches towards the success in life.

Zirkon Kalti

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To optimize your site for elderly users, you should avoid using fonts that are lower than 16 pixels on your website. Besides, you should offer the option for them to make adjustment to the fonts. You can use the screen reader to test your product and add subtitles to a video to improve the user experience of elderly people.