Tutorial Tips To Get A Perfect Ecommerce Store Using Wordpress


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Hi Folks!
I've been using Wordpress for quite some time now for all kind of websites. Just thought to share some tips to get an eCommerce store with Wordpress!

Ever since CMS apps came into vogue, web design and usage experience has changed for better! These apps, mostly Open Source in nature, have empowered people to design functional and aesthetic looking websites without mastering complex coding. However, most people do not actually think of WordPress when it comes to designing an online store. Surely, WordPress is a very popular and user friendly CMS. WordPress has been used by several million users but it is used mostly for blogs. The truth is, you can very well use WordPress to develop a fully fledged and feature rich ecommerce website and that too, minus many hassles! The CMS support a large number of plug-ins and extensions which ease the process.

Below listed are some handy tips which you can utilize to design an enticing and functional e-commerce website using WordPress:
  • Suitable Plug-ins- Instead of using standalone E-commerce tools, you can resort to some free and feature rich eCommerce plug-ins of WordPress! WooCommerce is one such eCommerce plug-in replete with themes and extensions and WP e-Commerce is another worthy contender. It’s superb integration with payment processors and streamlined checkout process is ideal for any online store. If you plan to give a revamp to your existing online store, ECwid is the plug-in you need.

  • Quality Images- Nowadays, online shoppers have plenty of options and they have become picky. So, you should use only high quality and sharp images in your website built on WordPress platform. Its excellent support for media content ensures you can use a plethora of images for products and services.
  • Product videos-With faster internet connections making inroads into remote areas and wireless web access speeds touching lofty heights, there is no reason not to use product videos in your site. WordPress has great options for displaying and managing video content in websites. Sometimes, online buyers prefer seeing the product demonstrations through videos than flipping through a series of still images before they make the purchase.
  • Product descriptions- Your target buyers, especially the first time buyers would prefer websites containing adequate description for products. Ensure you use product descriptions in your online shop that are crisp, engaging and informative rather than copying and pasting from manufacturers. However, do not make the description too long.
  • SEO-Optimized Titles for products- It is important that you use SEO-Optimized Product Titles in your e-commerce site powered by WordPress for greater visibility and better search engine ranking. WordPress SEO by Yoast and similar plug-ins can be useful in this regard.
  • Being transparent about return and exchange- The main skepticism of people buying products online is difficulties involved with return and replacement in case they receive damaged or wrong product. You can win confidence of buyers by declaring the policies of your e-store in details. This is mentioned in the website’s FAQ section, in general.
  • Simplified registration and checkout- Even a well developed and aesthetic e-commerce site may fail to entice first time buyers if they find the registration a tedious affair! Most of them prefer websites that offer quick and safe registration process. The same is true about checking out. You can use plenty of WordPress plug-ins to ensure quick checkout and logging in with social media accounts possible. This helps buyers save time as they shop online.
  • Multiple communication means- The potential buyers of your online shop may have several queries in their mind. Ensure your WordPress online store is equipped with various means for communication and interaction with customers. Use WordPress extension and plug-ins to deploy Live Chat and online form submission options in your online shop.
Let me know if you have anything else to share as well, we can add those in the thread as well (with due credit).


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I can say that this is a wonderful and informative article that you have shared to all of us here @PrashantD. I admitted that I would like to get started with an eCommerce store with Wordpress, but lately I have been so attracted with Fresh Store Builder. But anyways, I would really like to make a special point about quality images, product videos and multiple communication options. This is something that I have in my mind when I am planning to create my own Wordpress eCommerce store with WooCommerce, because I want to do something unique and out-of-the-box features that will increase customer attraction for good.