My Experience Tips To Make Your Website Suitable For Disabled Users


Content Writer
Internet is accessed by millions of people everyday but not everyone has the same device. In fact, not every Internet user is in the same situation. This is an issue web designers need to keep in mind. A section of web users are crippled with various physical disabilities. This can include learning difficulties, visual impairments, hearing loss etc. While designing site for people with disability is not exactly a herculean task- web designers need to proceed with caution. Apart from those born with disabilities, you also need to think about people developing disabilities related to ageing. Sensory and cognitive function decline increases with age.
Below listed are the top tips you need to remember when designing a disable friendly website:
  • Using alt tags- As you hover the mouse pointer on any image in websites, the text that appears is known as alt tags. People who have visual impairment usually resort to using screen reader software so that these tags are read aloud. So using descriptive words in alt tags makes sense.
  • Video subtitles- Using video in websites has become a common practice, owing to advancements in technologies as well as rising internet speeds. However, you cannot ignore the users who are visually impaired. You can use popular steaming services like YouTube to add subtitles to your videos. Making transcription of online video is also useful in this regard.
  • Using periods in abbreviations- This is a small but useful step when you want to ensure your website remains suitable for the users with disability. If your web site has text content that have plenty of abbreviations like FDA, WHO it makes sense to use periods between the letters. This makes things simpler for people who use screen reader apps.
  • Using colors with caution- You may be tempted to use bright colors in certain websites. However, keeping in mind the deficits faced by visually impaired users, use colors with a tad of cautions sometimes! Always use the links with different color than other text in web pages. Besides, you should not use garish colors side by side or in close proximity in a website. For example, it is a bad idea to use colors like green, blue and yellow together. Generally, using black text on white backdrop makes things easy for most viewers.
  • Less clutter- Clutter in web design is bad for any person and it makes things nightmarish for people with disabilities. Make it a habit to keep enough free space in a web page. For the clickable links, keep enough gaps between them. When you need to use quite a lot of text in a web page, which sometimes may be required, break the content in columns.