My Experience To earn more income, must do seo marketing


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Do you know that your website has organic traffic it would slowly climb up to the top and be on the first ranking? When this happens, more good things will come to your business. Why? Studies have shown that people do visit websites who are on the first ten results. If you are on the top spot, you will be getting more visits compared to the site ranked at number 10.
Actually real visitors are very important and basic source for the websites. No visitor no business. It depends on the type of website and the SEO strategies which the webmasters have implemented to drive web traffic to the website. It Brings Potential Customers to Your Website.

Muhammad Rizwan

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Traffic doesn't mean that the site will make revenue. The source of traffic and its usefulness is very important. Some people can get a lot of traffic using traffic exchanges. But such type of traffic is useless. Even if it's coming from real persons, It is not useful for a business.

In order to generate a revenue from a website. A site gains organic traffic from search engines, which is of their own niche. If your site is of Health Products, a visitor searching for Games will not benefit you. Hence, SEO plays an important role in this strategy.


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SEO is vital to any site, and while in the past a site could rely on traffic coming through without any assistance, these days more and more sites are relying on SEO techniques to increase their ranking.

If you don't utilise the SEO tools at your disposal, your site is in jeopardy of falling behind the ones that do.

Zirkon Kalti

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Of course, organic search traffic is the best because such visitors have higher chances of converting. It isn't easy to get organic search traffic nowadays because Google keeps rolling out new search algorithm updates.


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I think it's also worth mentioning that the majority of people don't know, or aren't interested about what sites they use or get their information from. They don't care how Google comes up with sites or how they're ranked, they just simply type in a search and expect fast and accurate results.

It's only the people like me and the other members on forums like this that care about page ranking, keyword searches and other SEO techniques.