Tutorial Top 10 Black Hat Seo Techniques That Harms Your Google Ranking In 2016


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10 Black Hat SEO Techniques That Harms Your Google Ranking


There are frequent changes and updates in Google’s search algorithm since people need quick and highly relevant information and contents. The SEO techniques are used to increase the ranking. We should use only White Hat SEO techniques for better rankings and if you use Black Hat techniques, then you will be in trouble.

The following are 10 Black Hat techniques that will affect your ranking.


Cloaking is the method of deceiving the search engine to take your visitors to different contents of the websites which they never thought about. It is the most common Black Hat technique. There are search algorithms in Google to track those websites and those will be in penalties.



Link exchanges will affect your Google ranking. This technique was active in the past but now Google has the algorithm to discourage it. You should concentrate in building links naturally and not linking to other sites or exchanging to other sites. This method can help you to exchange links in easier way but your efforts will be in vain.


3.Duplicate Content

One of the worst practices is duplicating or copying the content from other sites. Google algorithm has the ability to identify the unique contents from duplicate ones. So, try to provide genuine and unique content for better SEO rankings.


4.Buying Links

Thousands of websites are available to buy only for few dollars. The update of Google’s Penguin employs in finding such spam sites which are bought for money. Such websites are penalized and will be lowered in ranking.


5.Keyword Stuffing

Authorized topics and contents can include as much as information in it. But unauthorized topics and contents are noted by Google’s search algorithm and will not get good ranking. Including more keywords for most of the sentences will make your content or topic too spams. So, you should include only correct and required information for a better presentation of contents in your website.


6.Hidden Text

Having white text on a white background to imply extra keywords is known as Hidden text. Google’s bots can find those hidden texts but we cannot do it. If your site does not have any site security, then it may be stuffed with lots of hidden texts which can be found out by the bots even if a tiny error occurs. So, find out those hidden texts before Google does or your site will get penalized.


7.Link Farms

Link Farms are the sites which serve for increasing the popularity of another site through link exchanging. Most of the hyperlinks which appear on a page are not relevant to the current page or site. Having these irrelevant sites and links are not encouraged by Google. So, get rid of link farms to go higher.


8.Writing for Search Engines

Copying the text from another resource or sites and using article spinning software's are considered to be spam methods to publish posts. But these contents are detected by the Google’s Panda update and destroy your ranking. So, it is good to create your own content without these kinds of spam.


The over optimization of your website will damage your Google ranking but its easy to work with SEO and it is friendly to use.


10.Low-quality Content

As usual, having low-quality content will decrease your credits. So make a good and error free content for better rankings.



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Do you call the above all methods that are blackhat technique's? The 2nd part is different when Google has changed as people built link three ways or considered to have a link on third party site, so Google can't recognize it at all.
3. Duplicate content is still running such as some sites that have forms.
4 Selling and buying links are a spam, but it is the only best method to build links. There is no free lunch to anyone in this world.

You have well explained with examples, but some of them looks like they won't meet to black hat technique.


It's Game Time!
I can relate myself to either of these black hat methods that you've pointed out, and I appreciate on what you have contributed for us. I was doing keyword stuffing and low quality content back then, and I was fired by my early clients due to that. I also over optimize my content as well, which was really wrong after all. Although these black hat techniques are a little bit effective, but they may not last long, especially when Google Panda 4.0 is coming within the year. We just need to stay on the safe side, and just abide by the rules of Google.


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Thankfully I don't do any of these techniques to full traffic. However, I have some questions regarding link exchange. What if I am in a group of writers who believe in reciprocation and promote websites and contents of their fellow writers as a reciprocation.


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One of the big ones that they have gone after are the link farms.. it is where people have dozens, sometimes hundreds of low quality blogs whose sole purpose is to create a backlink to their main website. What they are doing is if a large percentage of your links are from low quality sites, they punish you. The rest on that list they have been doing for a few years already and was covered by Panda. Panda was about low quality content, Hummingbird is about low quality links

Manish Mishra

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I must admit this is something incredible. This is one of a kind post. Thanks @selvaa for this wonderful thread.

We, webmasters really have been working for a long term but only few of us recognize what should we need to be avoid. These tips are indeed those we have to involve in our SEO tactics.

Many of us still believe that why our ranking is getting down and why our websites are loosing the traffic. In order to be updated with latest algorithms by search engines, we have to follow the techniques what we have given and we should more to learn keeping in mind for a long future.

Furqan Rashid

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Duplicate content is not going to survive. I guess we can say that for 2016 your quality is the main criteria for what you have been ranked in google.

Zirkon Kalti

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I absolutely agree with the fourth point, don't buy backlinks. Many sellers sell low quality backlinks for example links on profile pages of forum. Even if there is pagerank, this type of link is not good, because there is no activity on the page. Often, most of the baclinks they claimed to have created for you in the list do not work. Even if you buy a blogroll link from a blog with high traffic, the benefit you get is only temporary. In the first few days after the blogroll link is setup, you will see some improvement in traffic but later the traffic will drop. To undo the backlinbks, you will have to request the moderator to delete them or use the disavows link tool to ask the search engine to discredit the low quality backlinks.


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All black hat SEO echniques are going to harm your site eventually, but a lot of people think that for the time they can get away with it then it's still worth doing.

I'm of the opposite opinion though and I'd rather use the white hat SEO techniques to grow my site legitimately and above board.

Muhammad Rizwan

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I guess instead of wasting more time on doing Black Hat SEO you should give time to white hat techniques , that would be more beneficial.
All black hat SEO techniques are harmful. Some have less harm to the site and some have a strong effect. Even there are some techniques that can even deindex your site. All of the efforts of the webmaster is lost forever. Noo one is responsible for this task and the site has to be built from the beginning.

That's why we should always do and think positive. White hat SEO techniques take time for showing results. But hat's fine for a long term relation with Google.


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All your points are effective and we should have to avoid them. But I don't agree with two points; Link Exchange and Link buying.
Link Exchange and buying links from relevant niche sites having low OBL is a white hat strategy, not black hat.

Zirkon Kalti

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Google constantly changing their algorithm to root out as many sites that are using black hat SEO techniques as possible so it is better to never take a chance on this. If Google finds out you are using blackhat tactics, they can punish your site by reducing the rank or delisting it completely from the search engine index. Instead, you should learn how to use the proper SEO techniques to rank your website.


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Google constantly changing their algorithm to root out as many sites that are using black hat SEO techniques as possible so it is better to never take a chance on this. If Google finds out you are using blackhat tactics, they can punish your site by reducing the rank or delisting it completely from the search engine index. Instead, you should learn how to use the proper SEO techniques to rank your website.
Moreover, Black hat SEO is a practice that violate the search engines' terms of service and , it's used more usually to illustrate virus creators, trojans, other malware, computer hackers and those who perform wrong actions with computers.

Mohamed Mbarki

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After these tips, it's necessary to reread the content several times before publishing as on-page SEO is becoming more and more difficult especially with the new Google updates.

Manish Mishra

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Well, in 2016 what could make you fall back is the use of duplicate content and use of poor backlinks. A spam links from link farming websites or sites that is very poor or developed to sell links can really harm you Google ranking.