Tutorial Top 10 Easy Steps To Launch Your Own Wordpress Website In 2016!!


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Hi there,
Thanks for your nice post :)
Your 10 easy steps are really good and very important.
After watching your post, I decided to create my own wordpress website.
Thank you :)
Gustavo Woltmann

Zirkon Kalti

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Installing WordPress through the cpanel is the easiest because the one click installer app already make it easy for you to complete the installation in just one click. But for a newbie to install the WordPress manually by FTP, it can be quite confusing. I always have problem in the part that involved creating a new MySQL Database and assigning User and then to wp-config.php.

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Thanks @Gustavo: if my article really sounds you helpful. Please start your own WordPress website. In case, you ever feel like trouble please do not forget to ask in this thread and there are people like me who will really help you for starting your first website.
Really you have explained every steps that how to launch wordpress website
Thank you for giving all the steps with screens example that's cool...!!!

Nadeem Akhtar

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I really did not know You have explained it very well i would defenitly implement as you said above Thanks so much for sharing with us I hope you will aware us with such things