Top 10 Greatest Inventions Ever

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What does "greatest" mean?

I'm defining it as "most defining of who we are today", something that dramatically changed the life of all humanity, and I will be referring only to inventions and not to discoveries such as the fire or the wheel.

10 – The Telescope - It revealed the Earth to be merely a ball of rock in space and not the center of anything, much less the universe. Some of us have never recovered.

9 - The Computer – Many people have the deepest, richest, most diverse, and rewarding relationship with their computer. It plays games with them, tells them jokes, plays music to them, it does the taxes,
and sometimes it' even used to work.

8 - The Television - Wherever a TV is on, it draws attention like no other piece of furniture. It can be source of amusement, knowledge, or, if misused, of violence and almost self-inflicted psychiatric disorders

7 - The Automobile - Once cars were invented, roads were improved. Once roads were improved, cities developed suburbs and expanded, because people could now live in the country, yet work in the city. Furthermore, as cars grew popular, the oil industry boomed. Oil became a key to power and wealth, and one of the major factors for political and economic conflicts in many parts of the world.

6 - The Use of Electricity - Electricity existed all along, but the system of devices needed to generate this force and distribute it to individual buildings was an invention, launched initially by Edison: He effectively turned electricity into a salable commodity and his Pearl Street station was the world's first electric power station. Now, anyone throughout most of the world can tap into the grid to power everything from light bulbs to computers. We are, in fact, a social organism animated by electricity

5 - The Telephone - Lots of people imagined the telephone before any telephone existed. Wouldn't it be cool, they said, if you could talk to someone in another city without leaving home? It enables anyone to talk to anyone anywhere at any given moment, even if you can see the person, or even know ho he/she is.

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WOW nice one admin.

I really loved to read this one.

Are this things sorted according to their ratings? or are all 10 the top ones.


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The computer and The automobile. Are 2 things i would have a hard time with. Sometimes my internet goes down. And i'll tell the truth i dont know what to do with myself. And my car well. let's just say it's very usefull


With so many great inventions it makes it hard to choose but that list is pretty spot on.
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