Tutorial Top 10 Most Deadly Website Designing Mistakes In 2016


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Top 10 Most Deadly Website Designing Mistakes


  • Disabling the back button


The authors of evil sites knew how to break a browser’s back button, so that when a person clicks it, several unwanted things will happen such as redirecting to unwanted sites or locations. Thus the users get annoyed and will never come back to your site.

  • Opening new windows


Long ago, the use of multiple new frames to display content was nice because it was new thing in web design. But in this age it annoys the users and slows down the computers and damages the visitor’s experience. Users, if they wish, will open new tabs and so don’t use the automatic tab opening tools.

  • Failing to put a phone number and address in several easy-to-find locations


You should provide your contact numbers for your users if you are marketing or trying to sell something. The best way is to add a “Contact Us“ link that leads to your contact information. This will be more comfortable for your viewers and customers.

  • Broken links


The links which lead to “404" error messages and bad hyperlinks are bane for viewers. You should ensure periodically that you site is not linked to bad sites. You can attach a “Contact the Webmaster” link so that you viewers can immediately let you know it they find a mistake or broken link in your website, so that you can clear the problems quickly.

  • Slow server times

For professional sites, the slow load times are inexcusable. According to the recent study by the Akamai Tech., online shoppers will wait for about 4 seconds to load before going away. So make sure that your site has a faster server time than this.

  • Outdated information


Your site should not contain any old and outdated contents since it is negative factor for your website. So you should make sure that your site is updated periodically and contains accurate contents with zero errors.

  • Poor navigation


If your site has a poor navigation through the pages, then your users will navigate to your competitive sites. Your site should contain a navigation bar that guides you users to other areas of your site. You can add an easy-to-find site map in your main navigation bar.

  • Too many font styles and colours

The pages of your site should contain unified and consistent look. You should use a maximum of two to three fonts and colours in each page. Your site should not be like widely artistic. Also ensure that the fonts and colours look good on all types of devices and screens.

  • Orphan pages


Each page of your site should contain a link to the home page of the site, because sometimes your users will forward your site address to their friends to share information. The best way to go back to the home page is to add the ability to the site’s logo to go back to the home page when it is clicked.

  • Failing to link with your social network sites

Almost all business firms use their own Facebook pages, Pinterest links, and Twitter tweets for their publicity. The concept is that people will see your website and add if they want to visit it, because most of the people in the world are connected through social network sites. You should make it easy for your viewers to navigate to your website from the social network sites.


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These are the great reminders. I have recently started my website and I am still in the learning process. In my experience, page loading greatly matters. If your website receives a great number of visitors, there is no point in hosting your website in a shared hosting. You should have dedicated hosting or VPS hosting. One common mistake from a newbie is not doing internal linking.

Manish Mishra

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Thank you mate for yet another informative thread.
It reminds me of my website that really hurt me badly after Google update.
It was looking so perfect at the front but when a friend of mine told me that it has a lot of errors i did not belive at first.
When he has shown me those error codes i was really shocked but after Google update, it was striked badly.

These are really excellent tips every SEO guys should follow in order to maintain their quality of website.