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My Experience Top 10 Quickie Tips And Tricks To Massively Increase Your Blog Traffic In 2016

Discussion in 'Guest Posting, Link Building and Backlinks' started by selvaa, Jan 31, 2016.

  1. selvaa

    Yellow Belt

    Dec 20, 2015
    +56 / -0
    Top 10 quickie tips and tricks to massively
    increase your blog traffic in 2016


    Maintaining a blog is hard rather than working it. As it your blog you can write anything. When it comes to traffic it moves to audience. Here are some of the tips that would increase your blog traffic.

    01 - Let Alexa bring you the traffic

    As a blogger we should be aware of Alexa ranking. It is measured by the people who visit you site but the users must have alexa toolbar in their browser. On the opening page you will find the top queries that send organic traffic to your blog. Usually, these are the ones not clearly defined by Google analytics. Now you should try to write content for more optimization.

    02 - Write evergreen posts

    The most successful post is called as evergreen post by the Moz. They are evergreen because they are successful in long term topic which also generates decent traffic for several years after publishing. The one with high ranks in SERPS are called evergreen posts. To create an evergreen post I would suggest the following points.

    1. Go to Reddit.
    2. Write list posts on commonly used tools in your niche
    3. Publish the hell out of your blog posts.

    03 - Do guest blogging.

    There is no death for Guest blogging you can always use guest blogging for increasing the ranking. All you have to do is to guest post some of your relevant information about the content you have and provide link to your site through the blog of others but his way you can increase the traffic of the site and also increase the ranking results and search engine visibility.

    04 - Target long tail keywords.

    Long tail keywords are the keyword phrase consisting of 3 or more and generally tend to have low competition. It is, therefore easy to rank your pages built around long tail keywords. Ranking are directly proportional to the traffic.

    05 - Cover trending topics.

    Sometime a mixture of trending topics and evergreen posts can bring hell lot of traffic to your blog

    06 - Use Quora, not for asking questions but to answer them.

    Most of us will use Quora only for asking questions which are silly and funny but sometime serious too. But if you start to answer those questions via Quora you will get a good amount off traffic.

    07 - Hack social media benefits.

    It doesn't mean that you have to hack social media. It just means that you need to drive traffic from the referral links to your blogs. You should try to check all the social media and then analyze which one has given you the referral links and then try to concentrate on the top three.

    08 - Steal your competitor’s audience.

    Your competitors are great person and they should be locked down. We should try to earn their strategies if they have higher audience than yours. You can also steal the traffic of your competitors by commenting their posts and leaving a link to your site.

    09 - Do social bookmarking.

    It is never off trend. You can always sign up in communities regarding your posts and can leave link to your site by doing this you are creating a backlink to your site and hence it is a best way to drive traffic to your blog.

    10 - Start an email list ASAP.

    For a blog, email list is very important. Most of the bloggers don't have that list while starting, but I advise you to create list as soon as possible

    Over to you.

    I think my post has given you some idea how to increase the blog traffic. You could use the tricks and tips to drive a large amount of traffic to your site.
  2. Manish Mishra

    Yellow Belt

    Dec 22, 2015
    +159 / -0
    This is really very helpful for beginner to get some real quick traffic.
    however, my concern is with very first point, "Let Alexa bring you the traffic". Alexa is just a tool, it can explain you certain traffic scenario. I am sure you meant in some other way.
  3. skylimit

    Yellow Belt

    Dec 21, 2015
    +46 / -0
    Yes, the same I was going to ask, how its benefited to get traffic.Its just a tool, to measure particular metrics.
    You cleared it.
  4. rayone

    Yellow Belt

    Jan 22, 2016
    +23 / -0
    I would like to know about the tricks that can help me stealing the audience from my competitor.
    I can agree to some point that Alexa can bring you some traffic (I will keep it to myself).
  5. Manish Mishra

    Yellow Belt

    Dec 22, 2015
    +159 / -0
    If you want to steal the audience from your competitors you need to look out what has been done to their website. Yes, Copying would not be a precise solution at all. You need to hire an expert in case you are yourself is, then follow how good seo on page and off page has been done to his website and follow or even be more aggressive on optimizing your website.
    This is really going to help you!
    Remember! everything takes times and it is well said, "Patience is virtue!"

    BTW, please keep the secret as secret. I presume you are not going to revealed the trick to receive massive traffic from Alexa rank. (If you ain't owner of Alexa, luckily)
    No one agrees with your points here.

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