Tutorial Top 10 Tips For Seo Survival In 2016


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Top 10 Tips for SEO Survival in 2016


Tip #1 Create Quality Content


The healthy contents and poor contents are detected by Google. You should create good quality content for your sites if you want to succeed in this year. So, keep in mind that quality is important than quantity.

The usage and view of the keywords of the content has changed gradually except for Hummingbird update in 2013. For best ranking, you should use conventional style keywords.

Tip #2 Use Organic Outreach to Build Links


There is a dramatic change in sharing of links in the past five years. Links are important for SEO campaigns, but in 2015, you can get profit by obtaining organically. It is simple to obtain organic links. People who are interested in quality and engaging content will definitely link to your site.

You should avoid negative links to safeguard your ranking. Software’s like monitoring tools helps to remove any negative ones.

Tip #3 Encourage +1’s


Google+ is tough competitor for media fields and search engines. So you should create a Google+ page to attract and add people and they can be joined to your circles. Your business will be popular if you have a large circle.

Tip #4 Write Good Title Tags


Title Tags are more important for high rankings in the current year. Title tags should include keywords and it will look like a newspaper headline. The minimum of 110 characters are agreed by many for an ideal title tag length. You should not repeat the keywords within the tag because it will occupy the spaces.

Tip #5 Get People Talking About Your Brand


You should get people talking about your brand and frequently mention your brand on their websites. This is a large factor for getting high SEO ranking. You can mention influential people on you site and spread your brand through their blogs. Your reputation will increase if you create a high quality content across many fields.

Tip #6 Use SEO-Friendly URLs


When you are using a management system, then it is easy to have a SEO-Friendly URL. But this is not much important for SEO ranking, but it creates a better-organized site and the SERPs will slightly increase.

Tip #7 Create an Engaging Web Presence

You should make your website noticed and have links with many website giants. You should make sure that you use organic strategies to obtain recognition and many more for a better SEO ranking.

Tip #8 Have a Fast Load Time


Millions of dollars were spent by Google to increase its faster loading time for search results. You should reduce your website’s load time by several seconds, so that it will have a huge impact on the popularity of your site.

Tip #9 Get Social


In case of SEO, social media platforms are a huge part for any campaign. The algorithms of Search Engines include the social media factors in ranking you websites.

Tip #10 Get Mobile


It is not new to get mobile optimization, but it is more important for the SEO rankings. You should have a mobile marketing idea to compete. Most of the people were engaged with smart phones and similar devices for their Internet search, so it is important to optimize your plan in mobile platform.


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Very informative tips that you have for us @selvaa and I appreciated it very much The first one is the most important of all, no doub about it. Without implementing the first one, the rest of the tips are going to be useless. We should always remember that content is king, no matter how beautiful and fast loading your website, blog or landing page is. Not only we need to have quality content for our readers, but we have to make sure that it is going to be engaging for them like no other. One way to do that is simply add images and an embedded video for every post that you have in your website or blog.

Furqan Rashid

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Yes These are the unique and really those SEO tricks that will survive. Creating everything user friendly and being sincere to what you do is the way to attract more visitor.

Manish Mishra

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These are the really very helpful tips that should need to follow in 2016. Building backlinks and optimizing the mobile friendly websites really can enhance the real traffic for anyone.

These could be really used as the weapons in 2016 and in the coming years.


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Google's +1 is a great feature which is missed by many writers and web masters. First of all claim Google Authorship. If you have Google Authorship, every time your contents appear on Google search, your google profile is shown along side your article. If you +1 that this will also be shown on search results


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Tips # 1 is most able to be followed. Keeping yourself engaged with writing consistently places the sites at the high level.

Furqan Rashid

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Tips # 1 is most able to be followed. Keeping yourself engaged with writing consistently places the sites at the high level.
It's definitely the best SEO technique that can help you improve your ranking in google search engine. It can be done by hiring good writers for your website or blog.


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The first one is major important for writing unique content and the plus ones, Social media optimization are too necessary.
The last one I didn't get you, do you mean optimizing to social media sites like Instagram using Mobile.