Tutorial Top 10 Ways To Attract Clients To Buy Ad Spots From Your Website


It's Game Time!

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How are you doing now? I hope everyone is doing fine as of today. Right now, I am going to share something different in which I have experiences with this method before. It is what we call ad spot selling. This is where you will sell ad spaces to your targeted clients within your website at reasonable costs. To tell you honestly, I already have experiences in doing this to my affiliate marketing review blog before. I have at least two clients who is interested to buy ad spots within my blog, one from the top and the other from the sidebar. My traffic during that time gradually increases, and I only charged them $20 and $10 respectively every month, but they only lasted at least two to three months before transferring to other websites for advertising. Prior to my own experience, I am now going to share this to all of you.

Without further ado, here are the top 10 ways to attract your clients to buy ad spots from your website or blog in no particular order:

1. The number of unique targeted visitors really matters

This is the number one feature that the clients are after in terms of buying ad spots to your own website. It was believed that the more traffic you generate, the more sales you will get. There's a specific ratio in terms of buying your product. It was said that for every 100 unique visitors, you might expect that you will get at least one to three sales in average, or maybe even none. What they're looking for is simply more unique traffic, and they would be attracted to buy ad spots from your website.

2. Have a beautifully-designed website

Another way for them to be attracted in buying ad spots to your website is your template or theme design. Of course, design really matters as well. If you don't have a good design but with great number of unique visitors, there's a lesser chance that they might be attracted in buying ad spots (correct me if I'm wrong though).

3. Your ad spots should not have rotational features

Although this is just optional, but you really need not to implement rotational features in your ads. There are some clients who just wanted their banners to stick and not be taken over by the others. Ad banners in rotation can be less effective due to other competitors who also rented in the same space as your client does. It won't maximize the number of visits that they have paid for.

4. Reasonable prices

In order for you to attract clients, your ad spots must have reasonable prices. Try take your time to research other websites on how much they charge to their clients, and compare yours too. Give them a real reason why you set your own price to your ad spots, so that they'll be convinced.

5. Have a strong call-to-action message

It's important that you need to know how to close the deal. You should have a call to action message that can convince your clients to buy from you and not from others.

6. Your website must have lots of daily user engagement

One reason that banners from different ad spots are converting very well is because of user engagement within your website. A high traffic blog is one good example, because it has engagement and they keep coming back for more. The more engagement your website has, the more your clients will get attracted.

7. Give your clients tracking codes or member access to track their banner clicks

This is very important! To make sure that they know what is happening on the stats of their banners, you should give them tracking codes, or you can give them limited member access for them to track the number of clicks and impressions into their banners.

8. Your ad spot packages must "over deliver"

Let's say that your price is $50 for one month, your ad spot package must be worth more than $50. Over delivery can attract your clients to come back for more and do long term business with you on keeping their ad spot.

9. Give freebies to your clients for buying ad spots on your website

To make them happy of what they've paid for, you can give them some freebies that are related to your website like free eBook, video, etc., in exchange of entering their names and email address to build your list.

10. Give special promo codes to your clients

Lastly, you can give them a special promo code to your clients on their first purchase like discounts, features, etc. Clients are highly attracted in terms of availing promos in buying ad spots from your website.

Are you ready to attract your clients to buy ad spots from you? Learn and implement all of what I have mentioned here in this article, and you will get the results you've wanted one day.


Content Writer
The most important part of above article that clients check is how much unique targeted traffic a blog receives.
The more the visitors - the more the pay per ad spots.


It's Game Time!
The most important part of above article that clients check is how much unique targeted traffic a blog receives.
The more the visitors - the more the pay per ad spots.
Absolutely correct @skylimit. The number of visitors you have in your website or blog, the more high paying customers are going to become attracted and bid to take over in one of your ad spots. One of my contacts have a website with over 100,000 unique visitors every month, and mostly from United States. He used BuySellAds as his source to sell ad spaces, in which he is getting a lot of inquiries and bids before he decided to close down his website to pursue another business venture which is more promising and long term than his own high traffic website. To attract clients, just generate a lot of web traffic every month to your website.


Staff member
You have described very well as the point is the main thing for any website that has targeted traffic, I always a buyer requests minimum traffic from certain countries specially US, UK.Lots of engagements are important as buyers looks whether the traffic is converting into leads or the visitors where they are arriving.

The rest tips work if the above 2 are perfect else no one will buy for low traffic or without engagements this I was observed with my blog.

Swati Mishra

Content Writer
These are above points you have described @cheezecarls correct. Website should be designed beautiful this is the way to attract the customers. And give freebies and free promocode to your client.

Zirkon Kalti

Content Writer
You can offer some freebies to the first few people who advertise on your blog. For example, you can offer free website templates or extend the ad duration to anyone who is the first to buy advertisement spots on your blog.