Top 11 Lamest Blogs

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Top 11 Lamest Blogs

Found this subject on a social news website on the design category, but I do think it fits more on the blogs section of this forum.

The full article with screenshots and all info is here, but here with the top 11 lamest blogs

Lamest Attempt at Blog-Based Corporate Marketing
"The Jack Box Blog".
Lamest Actual Celebrity Blog
"Kim Kardashian"
Lamest Use of the English Language in a Blog
"Rosie's 'R Blog"
Lamest Commercial Disguised as a Blog
"Check Out"
Lamest Intentionally Lame Blog
"The Dullest Blog In The World"
Lamest Celebrity Worship Blog
"Paris Hilton: A Paris Hilton Fan Blog"
Lamest Fictional Premise Blog
"The Adventures of Pat O'Neil"
Lamest (and Strangest) Beverage-Inspired Blog
"Pepsi-KFC's Blog"
Lamest Deflated Former American Idol Contestant's Blog
"The Michael Sandecki Blog"
Lamest Exclusion of Relevant Information in a Blog
"Stevens for Senate Committee Blog"
Lamest Topic for a Blog
"Bad Hair Day"
This list is simply delicious :)


Yellow Belt
Finding Kardashian's ebay store was icing on the cake. http
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