My Suggestion Top 5 Blogging Platforms After Wordpress

There have been a lot of hue and cry in recent times that blogging is slowly going out of fashion. However, despite this, there is never a dearth of people who are looking to start their own blog or shift to an enhanced platform than the one they use. The most common and popular blogging platform is Wordpress. It provides a comprehensive blogging solution for us, and most importantly, it is free. That is what most of us care about, anyway!
What most people don’t know is that there have been several new entrants with new technologies who provide revolutionary approaches for blog-writing. So it’s high time you start researching about blogging platforms, before you start your own blog with Wordpress, by default!
  • Tumblr Tumblr is very much like the cool guy in your neighbourhood. You can set up your own blog there very quickly, and it’s filled with youngsters. Most importantly, the tools Tumblr provides you with are unique and easy to handle. There are specific tools for different types of posts. Unlike others, it doesn’t provide you with a default style for all post types, which helps customizing your posts according to their types. You can get your blog easily noticed since there is an active community in Tumblr. This is one advantage you don’t get when you are self-hosting your blogs using Wordpress.
  • Tinypress Tinypress provides additional services, other than the ones already on offer by GitHub. With Tinypress, you can easily set up an open-source blog. The editing interface is very simple, and along with that you get a full HTML/Markdown editor, customizable themes and (wait for it) an Android app! There is no need for a custom domain; GitHub takes care of that by giving you a sub-domain which is absolutely free.
  • Kirby Kirby is very unique. The site is built using PHP and is basically a flat-file CMS. So, things are very basic, and there is room for loads of customizability. You can design your own themes, in accordance to your personal style. You need some basic PHP knowledge to get started, since you will be designing your own blogs. By far, the best feature is that it gives you the ability to develop blueprints for it, by which you can add custom fields in the admin panel so as to make the design more personal.
  • Squarespace People know Squarespace for the platform it provides for business websites. Few know about its excellent blogging platform. For as little as $8/month, you can build a very pretty blog and what’s more - you don’t need to have any coding experience for it! There are loads of themes you can choose from. You can even build your own if you can code. It is easy to use, and beside your blog, you can build your own website too.
  • Posthaven With Posthaven, you don’t need to fear for the service’s disappearance. It was recently acquired by Twitter, and is planned to last forever. The cost is $5/month for blogs. Very basic, it provides an easy platform where you can share your thoughts.


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It is interesting that Twitter has acquired Posthaven. It will be nice to see if Posthaven becomes a major player in the game of blogging like WordPress.