Tutorial Top 5 Email Marketing Software

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Email marketing is important because it allows you to remind your prospective customers about your products and services. Your customer will forget about you if you don't communicate with them via email. The following are the top 5 email marketing software.

1. Benchmark
Benchmark is an easy to use email marketing software that come with over 400 responsive email newsletter templates. Benchmark allows you to automate the entire process of the newsletter distribution to all your subscribers. There are detailed analytics that show you how users react to the newsletter you sent. It features a user friendly drag and drop editor for you to create a professional newsletter. There is testing tool you can use to check and make sure your newsletter won't be flagged as spam. The testing tool will also check the email newsletter content to make sure there is no spelling error. The A/B testing tool enables you to test the efficiency of your campaign. You can integrate various tools and shopping cart into the email newsletter template including Paypal, Shopify, Salesforce, Freshbook and etc. There are many different plans depending on the number of emails you want to send per month.

2. ActiveCampaign
ActiveCampaign offers powerful email marketing campaign management features for advanced users. Some of the features it supports are autoresponders. RSS feeds, and A/B split tests. You can use the email templates for free and create customized opt in forms. The opt in forms can be integrated into your website and social media profiles. The theme of the email newsletter can be customized based on the color scheme of your website design. Once you have created the form, it will generate some code for you to place on your site. It only requires a few clicks to install the form on your Facebook. The only downside is that it has a small selection of built in email marketing tools. This prevent you from being able to execute campaigns that are more sophisticated

3. GetResponse
GetResponse comes with more than 500 predesigned templates. All the tempates are designed to generate high responsiveness. If you subscribe annually, you will get a discount of 18%. You can have the option of importing and hosting your email database. The autoresponder can be set to send messages to subscribers based on the actions they made for example sign up for the newsletter, click onto website or open emails. The email analytics tool provide in depth analytics reporting for example the number of people that view your newsletters, click through or delete it without viewing. The analytics tool let you know how well your email marketing campaign is doing on the social media. You can set up for the automated report to be sent to your email. It includes built in social sharing tools and split testing. There is a mobile app that support both iPhone and Android platforms.

4. EmailBrain
EmailBrain is an email marketing software that allows you to design your email campaigns in HTML and design modes. You can dispatch SMS text messages to your subscribers if you have their telephone numbers. You will be able to track the conversion rate of your email campaign. It supports over 216 carriers in 160 different countries. Contacts can be imported into the software and it comes with over 100 ready templates. You can fully customize the email templates including text formatting, insert images, add links, add video and flash and upload documents. There are two different user interfaces. The Advanced Mail UI is for users that are more advanced in email marketing while the Express Mail UI is for newbies who are familiar in carrying out basic email marketing tasks.

5. SendinBlue
SendinBlue is an easy to use email marketing software that let you create professional campaign and dispatch them to all your subscribers. One feature that SendinBlue supports is that it allows you to send transactional emails to customers. For example, it will send messages to customes who forgot to complete checkout . You must first connect your website to the SMTP of SendinBlue. There is script you can copy/paste into your website to stnc it with the SendinBlue software. It also allow you to send promotional SMS messages to a large number of customers at one time. There is an additional fee if you want to use it to send the SMS messages. It integrates a number of programs including PrestaShop, Wordpress, Salesforce, and Shopify. You can build as many lists as you want. You have the option of creating a master list which you will send to all. You can also create a number of sub lists if you don't want to send the email to all subscribers. The lists can be broken down for targeting the emails.


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None of my favorite ones made it to your list. But, maybe I haven't updated myself with other players in the email marketing world. But, I did try Getresponse because I was looking for an Aweber alternative.


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Just like what others have said here, I am surprised on why Aweber wasn't included on the list? It should be the best overall autoresponder ever. Although I am not already subscribed with them (but may consider them again in the future), they're still the best. For now, I don't have plans to become serious in building my list or doing email marketing. If in case I would get back into this, Aweber is my number one choice. I respect other ones that you have listed here man, but again I must tell you that Aweber should be in the #1 of all time. :D


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There are definitely a lot of good performing email marketing software. If this list is a personal favorite, then there's no need to ask further questions. It is also good to conduct surveys and research on what users prefer to use for future reference.