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For several years Dubai ranks the second position among the trendiest shopping destinations in the world. The plenty of shopping malls in Dubai is considered to be an exclusive cultural experience, which gives the city a unique charm.
The visitors go to Dubai not only for an exclusive shopping, but also to have a great enjoy to watch interesting movies, to chill out, to smoke traditional hookah, etc.
Dubai’s shopping centers offer much more fun and entertainment rather than simply shopping! Do you want to know which of the Shopping Malls are really interesting to visit? Let’s find it out here.

Wafi Mall
Dragon Mart
Ibn Battuta Mall
Lamcy Plaza
Mercato Mall

Really, Shopping in Dubai is very exciting, because there are lots of amazing places where you can both make affordable buying, and get enjoyed something pleasant when you get bored.


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I planned to have a view of Dubai in my life beside my favorite place was France. I read and seen some images of Dubai shopping malls on Flickr and that pleased me to have a visit.
@sunshine Have you visited Dubai Shopping malls? I think it is nearer to your country. The buildings are really great decorated with Fancy lights and a lot of people comes here for the shopping during seasons.


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@bharath yet I didn't visited Dubai, but my brother is living there and send me several gifts purchased from Ibn Battuta Mall. Hence he talked a lot more about excitement and good experience of shopping from these shopping Malls.