My Experience Top 5 Mistakes Newbie Affiliate Marketers Must Avoid

Muhammad Rizwan

Content Writer
Affiliate marketing is a vast field and people are joining it rapidly. It has taken a form of a business model, where we can work and make a handsome living. An affiliate marketer can earn much more than a simple offline job. Even more, than an offline job can be made with this business. It’s actually a complete setup, not a part time work. That’s why the earning opportunities are also bigger.

Let’s get back to the point and discuss our topic. Most of the time new marketers are in a hurry. They just want to make money and do irregular activities. These may have very bad effect on the marketing profile. That’s why newbie marketers must be aware of these mistakes and should avoid them. I have made a complete list of mistakes done by newbie affiliate marketers. These mistakes and their solutions are as follows:
1) You should work for helping not Selling
This is one of the biggest mistakes done by affiliate marketers these days. They join this business and rush into tricks for making money. They just neglect the fact that we are working to help people. Of course, you will earn money by helping them. Think about it, if you help people choose the proper product more effectively, you will get more sales. However, if you target only money making, you will not focus on providing quality information. In this way, you will lose a lot of sales on your site. Always provide proper information about the product and forget about money making for a moment. Think just like you are promoting a product offline and explain everything truly.

2) Always Choose a Single Affiliate Network
Another mistake done by people is choosing multiple networks. This is one of the worst mistakes of affiliate marketers and has a very bad effect. The most important factor is we can’t manage all networks at once. Multiple networks handling is much more difficult for newbie’s. That’s why their way to success is blocked by their own big mistake.

3) Become Buyer for a Moment
After selecting the appropriate network and a product to promote, you should now focus on this fact. Think like the buyer itself. Is your content attractive enough? If you were the buyer, will you buy it? Am I a useful product? Get answers to all of these questions before selecting a product. After verifying the answers, you will find proper products for your business.

4) Track your Sales
This mistake is very common among people and popular too. People start affiliate marketing and forget about tracking the sales. This is an important factor for making a good analysis. It will help in the future promotion of a product. Every sale must be tracked to check for the source. You should know where the sale came from? Which method of promotion was most effective? Where do you need to focus on more?

5) Never Tell a Lie
In this field, a lie is the worst enemy of an affiliate marketer. The moment you start telling a lie about the product, will be your way to a loss. It reduces the trust on the marketer from the buyer. Don’t promote products that require false claims about anything. Imagine a product you are going to promote about weight loss and you don’t know about it? What will you do? You will write a lot of false statements just mentioned by the seller if the product didn’t worked, your buyers will not truss on you again.

Chasing New Ideas Always
It’s one of the worst activities done by affiliate marketers. They are working properly on a niche and are about to gain success. However all of a sudden they got a new trick or tip about another method, most people run towards the new method and leave the previous one. This causes lots of loss in affiliate marketing for newbie’s. That’s why many people can’t stay for longer time in this field. One should focus on a single strategy and niche for making money online. Don’t just rush over to new methods for getting faster results.


Well-Known Member
I am glad I am getting to read this piece of work because actually I am a beginner in the affiliate marketing field. Yes, I agree that honest in affiliate marketing is very crucial while writing reviews on products. Also to focus on one niche is of great significance.
I will keep this tips in mind in my affiliate marketing job to register success.