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2017 saw some really interesting trends like Game Development, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and not to forget the start-up trend. Programmers and mobile companies are in full swing, anticipating the technological trends in 2018. We too have taken a cue from the trends of 2017 and have brought 5 programming languages that are going to be in full demand in the year that is due.
In retrospection, we saw emerging trends of stack overflow, freelancer websites, and Start-ups. Keeping in mind these absolutely amazing trends, Inheritx brings you 5 programming market trends for the upcoming year, that you should look forward to.


What do Google, Facebook, and Apple have in common? All of the three are after Engineers who have strong and thorough knowledge of Python. Machine learning is so much in demand thereby making python popular. Be it building video games, testing micro-chips, machine learning, data mining or powering apps like Instagram, this general purpose programming language can do it all. To add, it is remarkably easy to learn.


If there is one language that is on steroids, it has to be JavaScript. JavaScript has been growing at an overwhelming pace. The 2017 and 2018 edition of Javascript is gaining tremendous popularity among programmers thanks to its reliability and ease of use. What else! It is flexible. You can write the client side applications using HTML. You can also write server-side applications in JavaScript using NodeJs. JavaScript works well with developing cross-platform apps too. With giants like Uber, eBay, PayPal, Walmart, Google and LinkedIn going the JavaScript way, this iconic language holds a promising prospect for programmers in 2018.

Java and kotlin

With the increasing demand for Android apps and Android developers, Java has gained huge traction. In addition to Android apps, Java is also used in a lot of web applications, further justifying its popularity.

Kotlin is an essential edge to Java with 100% interoperability. This open source language can be learnt in a few hours!! With all these advantages, Java and Kotlin are sure going to top the list of top programming languages in 2018.


Now for whoever who doesn’t like Apple or the fans of Apple alike, Apple is a big deal. The reason? There is no denial of the fact that Apple sells the insanely high number of devices every single year, be it MacBook, iPad, Apple Watch or the much-loved iPhone. To code for Apple, one needs to be well versed with the powerful and intuitive, Swift. Apple’s very own programming language, Swift includes modern features that developers love. The Apple market is on a rapid rise and demand for Swift developers is increasing drastically rather than marginally.


There is not one but many reasons, programmers, especially the one incorporates are shifting to C#. This multi-paradigm programming language runs on the revolutionary.Net Framework. The game market is in full bloom which is one of the reasons C# has made it to the list. C# is the next big thing when it comes to unity game design and development. Also with Xamarin, one can develop cross-platform apps as well as native apps for Android and iOS. .Net developers are trying to make a shift in game development and Xamarin, giving the versatile C# much needed attention and recognition.
Also, C# is an amazing language and very easy to learn.


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I vote for PHP

PHP is a general-purpose scripting language suitable for server-side Web development. It is an interpreted language with interpreters for almost all platforms. The existence of Zend Engine, an open source interpreter, makes PHP an open source programming language.