Tutorial Top 6 Free Alternatives To Dreamweavers

Zirkon Kalti

Content Writer
Site builder software makes it easier for news who don't know much about coding to create the website they want. With a site builder software, you can create a website with any number of pages withot any coding knolwedge. It is as easy to use as platforms such as WordPress and BlogSpot. The following are six free alternatives to Dreamweaver which you can use to setup your website in no time. Most of the site builder software listed below are open source software which allows community developers to modify and improve it.

1. Quanta Plus
Quanta Plus is an open source linux site builder software developed by the KDE team. The software features a simple interface, and it supports many useful features such as, XForms, CVS, FTP, and CSS2. Quanta Plus supports 3 different viewing modes including code, WYSIWYG, and DOM mods. It support split view which allows you to view one half the code and the other half you can see how your webpage look. It supports sveeral types of syntax such as HTML, XML, Perl and Javascript. There is a manual that you can reference if you have problem using the software to build your website.

2. Aptana
Aptana is created based on the Eclipse IDE open source code. Eclipse is a well known community that is being used by Adobe to create flash applications. Aptana supports advanced applications such as Ruby on Rails, AJAX, PHP, Adobe AIR, and iPhone. Aptana free version is supported by a large community of developer and they also offer an affordable commercial version. Aptana offers extensive supports for the plugins but they do not have a HTML design window. The code assist feature will give you hints as you write the code for your website. There is also a debugger tool that can detect bugs and list them down. There is a browser preview function that allows you to preview your website template on the browser. Aptana can also be used to create applications for Apple iPhone.

3. BlueGriffon
BlueGriffon is an open source site builder tool that is compatible with all types of systems including Windows, Mac and Linux. It supports various types of features including spell checker, SVG editor and vector. You don't need to have a lot of knowledge about web standads to create a website in BlueGriffon. The webpage document you edited in BlueGriffon will look just the same as in Firefox. If you know coding, you can code it in Source View.

4. CoffeeCup HTML Editor
CoffeeCup HTML Editor supports a variety of languages including HTML5, PHP, XHTML, and CSS3. The tag reference section can help you to put the right tags in the code. The Code Completion feature can suggest the best tags as you type in the code in the editor. The validation tool enables you to check whether your website template is conform to the minimum W3C standards. CoffeeCup HTML Editor is suitable for creating all kinds of websites including HTML 4.01, XHTML 1.0, and HTML 5. The website color scheme chooser allows you to pick a color theme for your website. There are 3 viewing modes including code, visual and preview.

5. OpenBEXI
OpenBEXI is a powerful website builder equipped with all the basic tools for you to create your website. Some of the features of OpenBEXI are timeline,calendars, form input validations. Dygraphs, timelines, and DOJO tookit. You can use OpenBEXI to create Mac Style menu and various types of charts such as pie and bar charts and it also provide support for RSS. OpenBEXI does not provide support for MathML and Xpath. You can easily resize and drag and drop all kinds of HTML widgets.

6. Microsoft Expression Web
Microsoft Expression Web is a free application that features a WYSIWYG interface for you to build your website. The features that you frequently access are easy to find on the interface. The main screen shows the code iew or WYSIWYG view. You can also set up a side by side split mode for the website. Only those who purchase the paid version will get tech support. It supports W3C for disabled people but it does not offer features that help people that are new to CSS and AJAX programming.