My Experience Top Tips For Successful Website Redesign


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Designing a website can involve a lot of preparation and analysis. However, website redesign can prove to be even more exhaustive process! No matter what niche a website belongs to- a revamp involves careful analysis of present flaws in design and rectifying them with apt measures. You need to focus on certain factors to ensure the site revamp is successful.
Below listed are the factors that you need to consider when redesigning any website:
  • Focusing on target audience- Every website is made to reach out to a certain type of web users. You need to think of the target viewers and tweak the design accordingly. From color to ease of use, everything needs to be altered keeping in mind the needs of target viewers. Youth centric sites often have bright colors in background while black is used to denote elegance and style.
  • Choosing content with care- Content in a website is no longer limited to text and images. With new technologies appearing on horizon, you can use diverse content in websites with ease. However, you need to use video and images that are properly optimized for viewer’s needs. The site should be designed in a way that it does not look cluttered after all. There should be the right balance between free space and text, for example.
  • Responsive design- This is what most web designers stress on. With a majority of web users using mobile devices to browse sites, designing websites with scalability and flexibility makes sense. You cannot seriously afford to lose out a major chunk of target viewers by making a website that is slower to load or has rendering issues in mobile devices.
  • Social media- Of course, the site needs to have tight integration with social media. The links to social media profiles of the company should be in the website itself. If it is an e -commerce site, the options for logging in with services like Facebook or Google Plus should be there. This is what most users also prefer for ease of usage.
  • Interaction and feedback options- To ensure the site redesign clicks with target viewers, keep adequate options for interaction and viewer feedbacks. From online forms to live chat and e-mail, give viewers all options to submit their query and interact. For e-commerce sites, options for posting reviews and feedbacks are absolutely necessary. These make prospective buyers feel more assured about authenticity of the site eventually.
Summing it up
Before you proceed with website redesign, a few additional and practical factors should be analyzed too. SEO implementation is a must have and so is freshness and relevance of content. You also need to check the revamped site for browser compatibility well.

Pooja Sharma

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Very helpful article. Website redesigning is important as changes are always good. You should keep updating your website and in this way the people will enjoy visiting your website. You can rather change the background or the template. It is not important to create a whole new website in the name of redesigning. You can make simple changes as well.

Swati Mishra

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This article shows the points which are helpful for those people who will redesign their website. it is possible to somebody wants to do their website redesign. And feedback is really necessary to get interact with the people.