Help Me/Question Traffic From Social Networks

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C Rebecca

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You have to proactively participate if you want to pull quality traffic

- Create an interesting profile using your brand name or niche related username
- Publish quality wall posts
- Find your niche related groups and join them
- Talk about your products and services on those groups
- Check which apps are available
- Send private messages to your friend list with link to website
- Share photos, videos of your product with link of website
- Update your social networking account with latest events


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To drive traffic to yours website through social networks few measures should be taken talk about services of your site in your group,request your friends to visit on yours site and they would say it to their other social friend to do so,update your account with latest events,check for apps which were helpful to you in this regard.


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Link building tip of the day: Profile links - many Web 2.0 profiles allow you to implement a DoFollow link or links that pass link equity. When claiming your brand on social networks be sure to include links from your profile.
  • Facebook Fan Page
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Google+ Profile
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