Traffic Gaining Techniques

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Keywords play a major role in bringing targeted traffic. Using specific keywords, related to the content is a great way for targeted traffic. Using exact keywords and long tail keywords in the title and content of the page to attract visitors.

What is your best best technique for gaining traffic to your website?


hi! classified ads submission, social bookmarking and blog commenting are some of the ways to gain traffic. :)


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Ummm, there are many ways of getting traffic for you website.

You can try few methods that would go well in offline also.

of course Search Engine traffic is on the first place. People are used to search on Google, Yahoo or MSN. That is normal in our days.

But people also use a lot of these social bookmarking websites. I personally use these kind of systems a lot ! Because you can find nice information and it is not all about promotion of your websites. Creating a network is more important than few visitors and a ban.

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