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My 2 Cents Travelpayouts Travel Affiliate Network

Discussion in 'Other Affiliate Platforms' started by TravelPayouts, Jul 26, 2018.

  1. TravelPayouts

    White Belt

    Feb 13, 2013
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    Huge news: we are expanding our network with new quality offers.
    Also, we want to kindly remind you about the new traffic pre-approval procedure. All new offers will be available for you as soon as you provide some quick info about the traffic you’re working with. Read more about traffic pre-approval procedure in our blog.

    New offers
    Booking.comoffer is now available at Travelpayouts.
    Affiliate reward: 4% commission on completed hotel stays.

    Three more car rental offers:

    An international car rental service available in 150+ countries with more than 25,000 rental points.
    Affiliate reward: 60% of the advertiser's revenue from each booking.

    Auto Europe
    Global leader in international car rental services. Auto Europe provides services in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and North and South America — a total of 180 countries.
    Affiliate reward — 5,6% commission on Europe Destinations and 2.4% commission on destinations in the rest of the world.

    Car rental service available at tourist-attractive Montenegro in the Balkans. Check out — our partner preparedblog post with special features and market description for launching the offer.
    Affiliate reward: 50% of the advertiser's revenue from each order.

    Travel compensation

    Passengers in Europe and Turkey have the right to get compensated for delayed or canceled flights. Help them with Compensair, a new offer for earnings on flight delays!
    Affiliate reward: 5 Euro for each processed claim.

    Entertainment and unusual activities

    Go City Cards — smart destinations
    Go City Cards are multi-attraction passes for top destinations in North America. Recommend using smart multi-passes at top sightseeing destinations in USA to your users.
    Affiliate reward: 6% commission on all sales.

    Ticket Network
    Sports, concerts and theaters — all in one platform. The best prices and events all over the USA. Prepare your users for a great event experience with no sold out shows or lines.
    Affiliate reward: 12.5% commission of the ticket price.

    Your users will get even more cultural experiences with Musement — the most exciting tickets, tours and activities all over the world.
    Affiliate reward: 50% of the advertiser’s revenue from each order.
    Railway tickets

    Rail Europe
    Rail Europe — #1 platform for tickets and rail passes in Europe. Easy trips all across Europe by train — 28 countries and 15,000 cities and towns.
    Affiliate reward: 3% commission on train tickets and 4% commission on rail passes.

    Search and compare

    GoEuro is a platform where prices and timetables for trains, buses and flights in Europe are compared in one search.
    The affiliate reward is 3,4% commission on all sales and 0,26 EUR commission on online leads for travelers from all regions (except DE). Learn more about GoEuro in our blog.
    More offers are already available at campaigns page.

    Follow us on Facebook, Google plus and read blog.

    Best regards,
    Ivan Baidin
  2. TravelPayouts

    White Belt

    Feb 13, 2013
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    This hot travel season is not over yet, and we want to tell you how you can earn more money. Work with popular offers, discover new destinations and get passive income with Travelpayouts!

    Tiqets is back!
    We’re happy to announce that our popular offer Tiqets is back. Thanks to this service, customers can buy tickets to museums and other tourist attractions without the need to print anything — they must only show their e-ticket on their smartphone. The offer is already available at your account.

    Get passive income with Travelpayouts
    Earn on this travel affiliate program! Attract new members to Travelpayouts and get 5% of their total revenues. You will get commission the whole time your referral is working in Travelpayouts. Check details in our blog

    Discover popular destinations in Kazakhstan and earn more
    We are paying double commission for flight tickets to, from and within Kazakhstan. Don’t miss this chance to make money! Read our guide about this year’s most popular destinations in Kazakhstan.

    How to decrease the bounce rate on a blog
    Are you working hard on your blog every day, but customers still leave and never come back? We wrote step-by-step instructions that will help you to increase online sales.

    Travelpayouts in NYC and Barcelona: how it went
    We took part in two conferences this July: Affiliate World Europe and Affiliate Summit East. Both were excellent, so we want to share how they went.
    Affiliate World Europe Conference in Barcelona
    Affiliate Summit East in New York

    Follow us on Facebook, Google plus and read blog.

    Best regards,
    Ivan Baidin

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