Seeking Reviews Tube Pilot


It's Game Time!

What's up ladies and gentlemen?

Are you now ready for this week's first product review? And this time, it is going to be another interesting software that I am hooked upon lately for good. So in this review that I am going to share today, it will be all about a revolutionized brand new cloud-based software for your Youtube campaigns, and it is simply no other than the Tube Pilot software.

What is Tube Pilot software anyway guys?

This is a cloud-based intelligent software for video marketers to gain your search engine rankings on Google and social media traffic as well. It was claimed to be a one click software that once a Youtube video was uploaded, it will spread across different social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on, as it will create tons of massive traffic and possible sales coming from your own website for good. Best of all, there is no programming needed for you to make this happen, and there are no technical skills required as well. I was one of those people who is kinda desperate to rank my Youtube videos on Google and make some sales afterwards.

The Tube Pilot software has a state of the art interface and it's completely newbie-friendly too. But before I am going to give my own thoughts on the Tube Pilot software, I would like to share a bit about my experience in Youtube marketing back then. During the time I was doing Youtube blackhat SEO marketing, I was doing it on a manual basis in which I upload a niche video, share it on Facebook, Twitter and so on. Not only that, I am using a free video views increase service called EnhanceViews. The job of that free service is to attach my video on their interface, and start getting view credits by simply watching other videos on autopilot. Even though that I sleep, I generate views once and for all because I left the browser open. I do that for most of the day while I'm working with some freelance stuff for good. But my experience on this one is that it's kinda time consuming for me, and I need to invest money to load credits to my account, and sharing it manually at the same time. I was looking for something that can save me some time from sharing it to other sources, I came across this software called Tube Pilot, and I was blown away by this one.

So what are my thoughts about the Tube Pilot software?

To tell you honestly ladies and gentlemen, I haven't decided to jump into this software yet. I was intrigued to try this out for myself, but I am still looking for some reviews from you guys. But I would really think that this is going to be an asset for those of you who want to rank themselves high on Youtube and on the search engines themselves. Not only that, you may be getting some possible engagement coming from your respective social media pages for good. But to be honest with you ladies and gentlemen, I think this is meant for those who already have an established Facebook fan page, Twitter targeted followers, LinkedIn connections and so on.

As what I have looked on this Tube Pilot software in their demo video, it only lets us upload and share Youtube videos to various social media sources in just few setups and clicks, but it doesn't let us generate Facebook fans, Twitter followers and so on. I think this isn't suitable for those who have yet to have a Facebook fan page, Twitter account or so, as you need to build some time to generate more followers and fans on your respective accounts for good. As for me, I think when it comes to sharing on Twitter, you need to build real and targeted engaging followers, and one Wordpress plugin can do that and it's called as WP Tweet Machine. For those of you who hadn't know about this plugin yet, you might wanna take your time in searching my threads about that. Trust me guys, it's worth it, and it can compliment very well with the Tube Pilot.

Should I recommend Tube Pilot to you guys?

I am not sure yet because I haven't bought this one, so can't say the pros and cons yet. Since Youtube marketing is one of the upcoming projects that I have this year, I would highly consider Tube Pilot to be included in my arsenal. If you have any experiences on this one, kindly share it here guys. Thanks in advance!​