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It's Game Time!

Hello again everyone!

I am here again to share my own honest review about another product that is on the top selling list recently in the internet marketing niche. If you are into Youtube and video marketing who is trying to rank your videos on the top of Google SERPs, this product is for you. Without further ado, I would like to reveal my own review about Tube Traffic Avalanche. But before that, let me share to you a bit on how I started explore video marketing with Youtube.

I have been into video marketing for a few years, making money with affiliate products that I have reviewed. But to tell you honestly about my ability to do video marketing, I totally suck when I speak in front of the camera. I have a video channel now, but it's kinda inactive and almost all of the videos being deleted cannot be recovered anymore. If I could have saved my files back then, I could give you guys a little flashback on how I was speaking right in front of the video camera. But anyways, we have no choice but to move forward. The good thing about Tube Traffic Avalanche is that you can make simple Youtube videos about affiliate and CPA offers with some unique tweak that can really make a difference.

What is Tube Traffic Avalanche?

The Tube Traffic Avalanche is a digital product created by Art Flair. It was launched just recently and it's a Youtube course on where you may have the chance to make money in ranking your videos on the top of Google SERPs with his own unique twists. Inside the members area, there are 11 training videos overall. But actually, 9 of them are more on training and the first and last are intro and end ones.

Here's my honest opinion about Tube Traffic Avalanche

I think and I assume that they are having the same concept as Commissions Ace by Stace Ace. Both of their methods have in common, but the Tube Traffic Avalanche took a different approach and twist that makes this course different than the Commissions Ace. Actually, I still respect the Commissions Ace product as they are providing unique methods to rank Youtube videos fast on the Google search engine. But not just on Google though, as they are having the ability to rank themselves on Yahoo and Bing as well. Both of them have great bonuses that are provided. But what I really like most about Tube Traffic Avalanche is the free webinar training by one of the CPA legends and experts names William Souza.

To tell you the truth about William Souza, his eBook is the first ever item I have bought on my Warrior Forum career. I have forgotten about the name though, it's just that I remember that it's from him. Actually, it's the first time that I did made money on CPA through his method by following them step by step. Me and William are friends on Facebook, but never communicated that much. But I am looking forward on what he prepares for Tube Traffic Avalanche buyers on his free webinar. Aside from his free webinar, there's also a bonus video that reveals to you in picking the right affiliate and CPA offers on Offervault to be promoted with this video course for good.

Should I buy Tube Traffic Avalanche?

I am not really sure yet if I am going to buy Tube Traffic Avalanche, because it might be almost the same as Stace Ace's Commissions Ace product. In other words, I would definitely think that this is going to be another rehashed internet marketing product that can let us earn $40 to $100 per day. I know it's not that much, and it's not going to make us a millionaire overnight like no other. For me, this is all about spending time and effort in generating this passive income machine without anything to invest. This is all about free traffic, and it's coming from Youtube like no other. But I would not underestimate this course, because maybe they have some hidden goldmine that is not present in other Youtube marketing video courses for good.

My conclusion about Tube Traffic Avalanche

As of today, I can't rate this as positive or negative because I didn't buy the product yet. My review is based on what I have learned through their sales page. If you are into Youtube marketing and been looking for some ways to earn passive income with them, you should be getting this course.


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I have a friend who earns online with uploading videos in Youtube. I believe that if you're into making and uploading videos in the site, the Tube Traffic Avalanche might just work effectively for you.


It's Game Time!
I have a friend who earns online with uploading videos in Youtube. I believe that if you're into making and uploading videos in the site, the Tube Traffic Avalanche might just work effectively for you.
I see @masterbusiness, so can I ask you how much is he earning already with Youtube? And what affiliate or CPA network did he use to earn money by uploading Youtube videos before? The Tube Traffic Avalanche could work if I follow all of their step by step system, but right now I have yet to buy this product, this is why I am still seeking reviews. Yes I indeed made money before with Youtube videos, but I am doing blackhat stuff mostly. I earned like $400+ within a span of 3 months by just uploading videos until they're taken down (because it's blackhat stuff), and Youtube doesn't like what I'm doing before.