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Quick tutorial on how to use fastIBL

Step 1. Click "New project" button and follow the instructions. You'll go to our website where you'll enter the project details (url, email, title, description...). Once you successfully reached this page you'll be able to save your project. You can also check our flash presentation related to this first step: how-to-create-a-new-fastibl-project-t4.html
Step 2. Click "Open project" button and select the project file with extension .fibl and the name you have just entered in the previous step.
You can now browse trough the selected directories (using Next/Previous dir buttons or by selecting the desired directory from the dropdown list). For each directory, the application pre-fills as much data as possible. Your job is, most of the times, to select the proper category, enter the CAPTCHA code and hit Send button.

Tips & Tricks:
- When moving from one directory to another, fastIBL assumes that you successfully submitted your website to that directory. In order to avoid this, you have to deselect "Link submitted to this directory" checkbox.
- The application saves it's submission status after each directory and therefore you can leave the application at any time and, when re-opening a specific project, you will be taken to the last visited directory.
- If you find a directory that is not free, requires reciprocal, registration fields are not prefilled correctly, pages are not loading or any other problem, you can use "Report a problem for this directory" link. A special reporting form on our website will open and allow you to send your comments about that specific directory.
- You can use "Select directory" dropdown list if you want to go directly to one os the directories in your project.
- You can use "Open this page in browser" if you want to open the current page in a external browser.
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