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My Suggestion Tweeting The Right Words To Drive Traffic To Your Website!

Discussion in 'Twitter' started by rahuldas, Feb 11, 2016.

  1. rahuldas

    White Belt

    Jan 5, 2016
    +2 / -0
    You select anyone from the crowd and ask him/her if he/she knows about twitter? The answer is outright yes. # has became an integral part of our life and this little symbol can create wonders. But this requires the flame that will help it to fly. So how will that fire be provided? The answer is, by just adding few words on its tail. Yes, tweeting the right words can drive the much-craved traffic to your website and your twitter account will act as an agent which will invite viewers.
    • Select the best words which will define the content of your website in a crisp manner. Try to wrap it up by 10-15 words which will not only say everything about your website, but will be capable of generating interest in the minds of the readers about it. So find out the right words from your kitty and add the sheen.
    • You may add some phrase or quote related to your website. Now viewers can relate with these phrases and automatically want to visit your website. Remember once the viewers start to come in, the traffic will automatically surge.
    • If your website is technical, then add some technical terms which people can identify. Remember that technical terms are one of the most sought-after baits for generating interests, as using them give people the idea that you know what you are doing, and you sure know how to handle technology.
    • Percentage. Charts. You add them and you see the return. People love statistics and they should be persuaded well to return to your website. Once you add numbers, people will judge you based on your standings.
    • Hash tags. I think this desrves a special mention when we are talking about using the twitter handle to drive traffic. A hash tag, when followed by familiar terms and correct words can potentially be very strong. Be the change and use twitter hash tags judiciously to attract customers. Remember, hash tags have already been able to create ripples for many causes. So, everyone is aware of its potential.
    • Ask for retweets. Requesting for retweets has a couple of advantages. First, it shows a courtesy towards your viewers as they may swell the traffic. Second, it declares your popularity. Ask solemnly and then choose the right words when you are asking for retweets.
    • Don't be sexually explicit or biased towards a particular religion. Choose your words in such a way that it is not ambiguous and make sure that they, in no way, hurt anyone's sentiments. Sexually explicit phrases or words can have very negative effects and may repulse traffic. Religious sentiments should also be avoided. Be generic.
    • Be lucid. Don't be so oxfordian that people could not derive the meaning and end up finding your website high standard. That will just drive them farther and farther away from your website. Use simple words but structure it very well so that it conveys everything for your website.
  2. masterbusiness

    Yellow Belt

    Jan 11, 2016
    +32 / -0
    Very informative post here. I find that the tips you have provided works as I have tried some of them myself. I have learned some new tips as well by reading your post.

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