Twitter Traffic Increases Tenfold In One Year, Surpasses Digg

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Microblogging website Twitter has apparently become more popular than social news aggregation service Digg according to number crunchers and web analyst Hitwise.

Latest figures show that Twitter is the 291st most visited website in UK, shooting up from 2953 back in January 2008, a 974 percent improvement in one year alone and this only paints part of the story as Hitwise doesn't account for mobile users and those using third party applications.

Hitwise, whose ranking is based on Pageviews alone, shows that Twitter was ranked 84th worlwide while Digg was 85th, nothing that Digg's popularity shrunk marginally compared to last year.

Twitter in general also attracted more users than Digg in the crucial 25 to 34 age bracket, accounting for nearly half of Twitters accounts compared to less than a quarter for Digg.

Events like the recent Hudson River plane crash and the Mumbai bomb attacks have been pivotal in recruiting more Twitter'ers and giving access to a more mainstream audience.

Twitter, which counts 31 employees and whose sole purpose is to allow users to write posts of up to 140 characters in length, has hailed as the next big thing after recording a phenomenal growth rate and attracting a $500 million bid from none other than Facebook.

The three year old company has raised money from a number of venture capitalists but have yet to come up with a revenue model (although the Japanese version of the site is supported by advertising).

Twitter has also given rise to a number of third party applications that have helped grow Twitter's popularity., Tweetdeck, Tapulous, and many more now form part of a very dynamic and fast-growing ecosystem.

But at the end of the day, it is unlikely to matter since both services are complimentary rather than rivals and Hitwise only depicts part of the whole landscape.



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twitter is really cool :D I'm only buildy up a bunch of followers to use it effective but I'm gaining views( I don't promote any site right now) and that's great. I also like to read what others twitter can be really inspiering sometimes
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