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White Belt UKwebUK directory is the new kid on the block. This brand new web directory has an aim to please and is intended as a one stop solution for UK based web sites.

UKwebUK does not only contain commercial sites but also personal websites, blogs, forums and many more. All submisions are carefully reviewed to make sure they pass hte criteria to be listed.

To be considered submissions must follow these rules:

* Must be uk related.
* Domain containing "UK" preferred but not essential.
* Owned by UK company.
* Description must clearly describe what is offered to UK residents/consumers.

UKwebUK is not just another commercial web directory it is meant as a real resource for real people with quality useful websites for the people of the United Kingdom. Despite its newness UkwebUK is already climbing high and can already be found in the top 10 of a very popular search engine for its main keywords. :)
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